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Huawei tested 203 mobile apps on AppGallery, 44 found misleading



Huawei Smartphone

On 17th August 2021, Huawei shared the Device Cloud Service security and privacy report to Huawei apps test on the AppGallery – app distribution platform. These apps promise part-time jobs, especially for students.

To ensures a more trustworthy part-time App download experience, the company’s specialists conducted an AppGallery security audit and warned the authorities who were found guilty.

As per the report, a total of 203 part-time job apps were inspected through this Huawei apps test. Among them, 44 apps were suspected of faking the orders on the platform. The respective app developers were notified to clarify the situation. However, the Huawei apps test report didn’t reveal the name of those 44 apps.

Let’s look in brief at the report draft-

huawei apps test


What is brushing?

In the e-commerce industry, brushing is known as forging the services or rise their popularity via paying the consumers and misleading them.

How it affects the users?

There are many cases when the provider offers the goods and services with a low price rate or promises to provide jobs after the service charge. Afterward, they gradually increase the price and explaining it as a percentage of commissions or other accommodation. Once the payment is done, they disappear into the air.

However, sometimes the victim may not suffers from the great loss. But in serve situation, they ended up revealing important information.

How to prevent it?

Users are required to strengthen their identification and stay away from the amount of the order which usually appears in part-time apps and famous social groups. Or only choose reputed platforms only.

Coming back to the June 2021 report, the specially focused on the following aspects that include 22 distinct plots-

  • Disrupting market order
  • Infringing on user rights
  • Threats to data security,
  • Violating resource
  • Qualification management regulations

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