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Huawei talks about six innovative aspects to redefine data storage solutions



Huawei six aspects data storage solutions

On May 13, Huawei has hosted the Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum 2024 in Berlin and shed light on the six innovative aspects that will help the company to maintain its lead in the data storage solutions road. Let’s have a look at these points.

The President of Huawei Data Storage Product Line – Dr. Peter Zhou kept his words on the main theme ‘Redefining Data Storage in the Data Awakening Era.”

Peter believes that AI could be a major aid in the data storage solution race as it not only concentrates on functioning and durability but also enhances sustainability and data fabric. He also described six main aspects that can redefine data storage solutions:

1. Ultra Performance

New data storage solutions can offer 10 times more performance than the old mediums. It is capable of PB-level bandwidth and billions of IOPS and helps improve the AI process efficiency.

2. Data Resilience

With a better framework and tech implementation, the reliability has been increased by 99.9999%. It also boosted the accuracy level by 99.99% and reduced the AI training time to less than 1 minute.

3. New Data Paradigm

A multi-dimensional pattern helps to speed up the tensor data retrieval ability via the smart search engine. It also uses RAG technology to wipe out the illusion of AI large models.

Huawei six aspects data storage solutions

Six Innovation aspects for data storage (Image Credits: Huawei)

4. High Scalability

Huawei has imposed such clusters on its data storage solutions that help in expanding the EV-level volume. Each engine in these solutions supports the vertical expansion of GPUs, DPUs, as well as NPUs for near-memory computing.

5. Energy-Saving

Due to innovative and standard media applications as well as hardware parts, the overall storage energy efficiency is now less than 1watt/TB and the storage density is greater than 1 PB/U.

6. Data Fabric

Overall capabilities of data management, global data visibility, as well as, data transportation are now 10 times more efficient.

The tech giant also elaborated on its powerful OceanStor A series storage models and said that they can boost the AI cluster usage by 30% depending on performance, looks after efficiency, and more. The firm has also launched high-capacity SSDs which adds 10 times more capacity to the storage solutions.

Huawei six aspects data storage solutions

Six Innovation aspects for data storage (Image Credits: Huawei)

(Source – Huawei)

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