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Huawei and iFlytek plans to jointly develop huge AI industry ecosystem



Huawei iFlytek AI ecosystem

Huawei and iFlytek have some big plans in the AI field and both parties are working to build a huge artificial intelligence industry ecosystem. The latter has recently confirmed the news, mentioning that it has a firm bond with the Chinese tech maker.

In a recent interrogation, an investor asked iFlytek about its plans for AI as well as how it sees its relationship with Huawei. Responding to the matter, the firm said it always had a good association with the Chinese OEM in every aspect including AI.

Adding more, iFlytek cited that it signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei in March this year, to flourish its app with HarmonyOS NEXT-based versions.

The company has begun the development of HarmonyOS native apps for a total of 16 applications such as iFlytek Spark, iFlytek Yuji,, iFlytek AI Learning, Antelope, iFlytek input method, and a few more useful services for its customers.

iFlytek further quotes that it will carry in-depth cooperation with Huawei in the AI, industrial application, commercial cooperation, and innovation fields to build an AI industry ecosystem. Probably things may become clear by the end of this year.

Huawei iFlytek AI ecosystem

Huawei and iFlytek cooperation (Image Credits: ITHome)

“…the company has always maintained good cooperation and exchanges with Huawei in the field of AI. On March 26, 2024, iFlytek and Hongmeng Ecosystem signed a contract to carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation in the fields of technology, innovation, and industrial application to jointly build an artificial intelligence industry ecosystem.”

Huawei and iFlytek cooperation

During the iFlytek Global 2024 Developer Festival, iFlytek and Huawei introduced a large-scale model computing power in China, training it against GPT-4.

The partnership also enables iFlytek to use Huawei’s Shengteng AI to form a new base for general intelligence. Recently, the former unveiled a significant Spark Model V3.5 that supports long text, image, and long speech generation.

It easily recognizes multiple knowledge and answers accurately about the industry scenarios. Things will get more developed as well as innovative if Huawei and iFlytek continue to build beneficial AI solutions.

Huawei iFlytek AI ecosystem

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