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Huawei Vision Smart TV 4 goes on first sale



Huawei Vision Smart TV 4 sale

Huawei has started the first sale of the Vision Smart TV 4 and interested customers can visit the VMall or the official shopping website to check out the latest offers and discounts on this device. Note that some offerings are for a limited period.

The inputs reveal that Huawei Vision Smart TV 4 is available in three size options on sale. Users can pick these variants as per their needs and at a catchy discount.

For savings, the company is providing a discount of 500 yuan on the first two variants whereas, 1000 yuan for the 86-inch model. You can check the price below:

  • Vision Smart TV 4 65-inch = 4999 yuan
  • Vision Smart TV 4 75-inch = 6499 yuan
  • Vision Smart TV 4 85-inch = 8999 yuan

You can make your way to Huawei Mall or tap HERE to directly land on the purchase page without any delays. Note that the discount is tagged only till May 20.

Huawei Vision Smart TV 4 sale

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 4 on sale (Image Credits: Huawei Mall)

Vision Smart TV 4 – Specifications

The all-new large-screen product accompanies several outstanding features on board. It brings wireless remote control, AI super-sensing lens, 4K super screencast, and 240Hz Honghu quality. These additions make the device more efficient.

Wireless Remote Control remains the highlight and has an in-built ultra-small antenna to meet the positioning needs. It operates smoothly and has delicate control.

It even offers you options like slide, click, drag, circle selection, and jump selection so that you can complete your task or work-related operations more precisely.

Huawei Vision Smart TV 4 pre-sale

Huawei Vision Smart TV 4 (Image Credits: Huawei)

Further comes the AI super-sensing camera that plays wonders at times of phone calls and offers AI-based fitness workouts, remote housekeeping, and other experiences. It pre-installs HarmonyOS 4.2 and runs on NT72676 chip with 4G/64GB memory.

In terms of screen, the device features an LCD slate with a 120Hz refresh rate, a resolution of 2840 x 2160 pixels, 92/93% DCI-P3 color gamut, peak brightness of 400-650 nits, 5000:1 contrast, 16:9 display aspect, as well as direct type backlight mode.

Huawei Vision Smart TV 4 sale

Huawei Vision Smart TV 4 features (Image Credits: Huawei)

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