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Huawei stopped ‘Kunpeng’ trademark infringement



huawei kunpeng

Huawei has successfully raised an objection on the trademark infringement for ‘Kunpeng’, which has been recently filed by a Chinese company.

According to the information, the Chiense IPO office has now denied signing trademark application form – 54080626 for the trademark ‘Sihai Kunpeng’. Huawei raised an objection to this trademark acquisition applied by Shandong Kunpeng Aviation Service Co. LTD.

huawei kunpeng infringement

The related authorities found that the trademark “Sihai Kunpeng” contains the word ‘Kunpeng’ which is a part of Huawei’s own trademarks. Hence, found evidence provided that this trademark cannot be registered as legal as it infringes the existing one.

Kunpeng chipsets are used for cloud computing. These Arm-based processors deliver some of the leading performers in the industry. The latest Kunpeng chipset is – Kunpeng 920. The infringement of such a crucial product – Kunpeng should not be avoided and Huawei did the same.

(Source – SinaTech)

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