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Huawei Connect 2022 introduces new cloud-network solutions in Dubai



Huawei cloud solutions Dubai

Huawei conducted the Connect 2022 conference in Dubai on October 12 and introduced numerous cloud-network solutions. Besides, the manufacturer also presented several programs that can elevate digital development in the region.

Describing the merits of Intelligent Cloud-Network Solutions, Huawei quotes that these services will aid the network requirements in Dubai. Further, it will provide benefits to operators and consumers in several other aspects.

The cloud-network solution mainly confines three major functionalities: CloudFabric 3.0, CloudCampus 3.0, and CloudWan 3.0. Together, these capabilities will bridge the gap between operators and advanced network technologies.

Let’s read about these three attributes in more detail:

CloudFabric 3.0

This mechanism provides new facilities and services for L3.5 ADN (Autonomous Driving Network) technology. Moreover, it comprises universal management features, interconnection, better verification, and risk prediction for applications and networks.

Huawei cloud solutions Dubai

CloudCampus 3.0

This mechanism targets the enterprises and their goals. Further, it eases the campus network covering four major corners. These are Access, Branch, Architecture, and Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

In terms of inclusion, the mechanism consists of the first enterprise-class Wi-Fi 7 AP AirEngine 8771-X1T, core switch Cloud Engine S16700, and 4-in-1 hyper-converged gateway NetEngine AR5710.

CloudWAN 3.0

WAN reflects – Wide Area Network. Thus, this solution works toward achieving enhanced and improved connectivity in larger areas. On the other hand, it provides ultra-high-density services to the operators with the help of a NetEngine 8000 F8 router.

Consequently, these components will provide aggregate network facilities in the region.

Apart from the cloud-network technology, the Chinese tech maker along with IEEE-UAE and UAE’s Ankabut and Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK) also revealed the high-definition L3.5 Data Center ADN White Paper automation.

Ultimately, this solution improves the network framework of the enterprises. Besides, it also enriches the operational functions of the enterprises and reduces their capital expenditures and operating expenses.

Huawei Connect 2022 has proved as a boon for Dubai operators. The Chinese firm has offered several new technologies and solutions to the region. It would be worth seeing what effective changes will these solutions provide to the region in the time ahead.


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