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Huawei started pre-booking for HarmonyOS powered smart glasses



Huawei smart glasses pre-booking

Huawei is going to unveil the HarmonyOS equipped smart glasses on December 23 at the next flagship product launch conference. Now, the Chinese tech maker has opened the pre-booking upcoming Huawei smart glasses with 6 different types of frames.

According to the information, pre-booking for Huawei smart glasses can be made between December 17 to December 23 at 18:08 (China time) on So, if you are interested to buy this smart wearable, click here.

Huawei smart glasses pre-booking

Huawei smart glasses: 6 types of frame

  • Square half-frame
  • Square full-frame
  • Round half-frame
  • Round full-frame
  • Aviator’s full-frame
  • Aviator’s full-frame sunglasses


The Pre-order starts lasts till December 23, 2021, 18:08 China time. However, the panic buy will begin between December 23 18:08 to December 25 23:59.


Huawei smart glasses:

Huawei smart glasses will be equipped with a HarmonyOS system and support lens replacement as well as the side of the frame equipped with a sound system. A few days ago, the company has released the first introduction video of smart glasses.

Huawei official has captioned these new smart glasses with “the wisdom of life portable assistant”, carrying HarmonyOS. To be mentioned, this wearable doesn’t contain any brand logo. It is likely to be a brand new product in the smart glasses segment. At the moment, more information regarding the specification of Huawei smart glasses is yet to arrive.

(Via – ithome)

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