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Huawei South Africa: Enjoy the Winter Service Campaign, service charges starting at R99



Huawei Winter Service Campaign

Huawei South Africa is conducting the Huawei Winter Service Campaign offering super saving offers on repair services to look after the sold devices. The consumers can enjoy a maximum discount of up to 50% on the service,  which will cover the spare part replacement.

Additionally, the new part will come with an extra warranty period to reduces the worries. Bring your device guys to avail of these offers and get your smartphone back to its purchasing condition. Now it’s time to dig for more information about this service campaign.

Winter Service Campaign Overview:

Below you can the benefits and services that are offered in this campaign along with their models and service costs.


  • Lower Price
  • Original Spare Part
  • Additional Warranty

This campaign is bringing the chance to avail all the services at a remarkably lower price with the 100% original spare part replacement guaranty from the company. Furthermore, Huawei is also offering an additional warranty limited to 90 days on the replaced spare parts.  This double benefit campaign will cover the following services-


  • Battery Repair
  • Screen Repair
  • Mainboard Repair
  • Service Center Query

From the battery to the mainboard, Huawei customers can replace any part at minimum service charges on some selected models of the Huawei smartphone lineup including the T series tablets. Additionally, some devices from Honor can also enjoy the benefits under the same conditions.

Besides, Huawei’s 24×7 customer care service offers you to satisfy all your queries about the service charges, delivery options, supernumerary component information, and so on.

Huawei Winter Service Campaign

Scroll down to check the eligible device list and service charges- 

Eligible Devices Series:

  • Huawei Mate Series
  • Huawei P Series
  • Huawei Y Series
  • Huawei Nova Series
  • Huawei G Series
  • Huawei M Series
  • Huawei T Series
  • Honor Devices

Note-  Some selected models from each series are eligible for repair services. Visit the authorized centers for more information.

Service Charges:

  • Battery Repair: R199 for all devices
  • Screen Repair: Starting with R99
  • Mainboard Repair Starting with R299

Note- The charges will vary according to the corresponding model for screen repair and mainboard repair service.

How to Avail?

The consumers can participate in the spare part replacement service by walking into a Service Center Only

Period of Replacement:

The campaign will end on the 5th of September 2021 but this whole course is divided into various time spans for different services. The details are mentioned below-

  • Screen Promotion: 23 July to 8 August/ 23 August to 5 September
  • Mainboard Promotion: 9 August to 22 August
  • Battery Promotion: 23 July to 31 August

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Huawei Mobile Services

Huawei Mexico brings spare part repair service, battery change, free cleaning and more



Huawei Mexico repair service

Huawei brings the summer gala repair service to Mexico users so that they can keep their out-of-warranty devices for a longer time. The service will cover spare part replacement, new battery transfer, free cleaning service, and more.

Furthermore, the service expenses are reasonable and include spare part cost, labor charge, and value-added text (VAT). You don’t have to give any extra penny separately from the decided price.

You will be getting-

  • Spare part replacement discount of 20% with 3 month warranty period
  • Battery change service is just $199 with the models’ original battery
  • Free cleaning service for smartphones, tablets, and wearables

Huawei Mexico repair service

Huawei provides the original spare parts for the out-of-warranty device at a low cost with a 90 days warranty on the renewed components. Furthermore, the battery diagnosis covers battery fitting at just $199/299 to extend your battery life. Besides, users can also get free disinfection and cleaning of any Huawei device in the authorized service centers.

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However, the replacement service is only available for some selected devices from the Huawei P series, Mate series,  Nova series, G, and Y Series. If you own any device from these services and want any service mentioned here, you can confirm it by contacting the service center staff. Check more information below-

How to get repair service done:

  1. Walk to nearby authorizes service center of the company
  2. Pre-book your appointment for repair service
  3. Submit your device via postal service which is completely free

Service Period:

This service promotion is valid until 20th September 2021. There is still a month before the deadline, so you have enough time to check your device and get the service done.

Note- Encountering any problem users can contact 24×7 call service or join live chat. Call center contact is 8001489324- only English and Spanish languages are convenient

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Huawei Mobile Services

Huawei Indonesia: Get the 20% repair service discount, smart diagnosis, shuttle service, and more



Huawei repair service Indonesia

Huawei Indonesia offering repair service with a 20% spare parts replacement discount, easy, and free shuttle service under Huawei 2021 Service Warm Action Campaign. This campaign is offering spare part repair, Smart Diagnosis, Live Chat, and Shuttle Service.

If your device is in need of any kind of repair such as device transfer, troubleshooting, disinfection, etc you can save a lot under this campaign. Just walk to the nearby service center of the company or call the shuttle service and submit your device for repair.

Calling for shuttle service will allow you to directly send your device to the center without moving a step. Yes, the company will arrange for staff to get your device from your home so you won’t have to struggle in finding the center.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to submit your device to the center you can take the help of professional technicians. Join the daily live chats, contact the service staff, and try to solve your common problem at your place.


Huawei repair service Indonesia

Here are the main queries and answers for this service:

  • What model and part are getting 20% discount: Check the list on Huawei service center
  • Where to check spare part replacement price: Huawei official website or My Support App
  • Does out-of-warranty prepared are accepted: Yes but users should pay the decided service charge. The customer service center can provide the cost list or you can click here
  • How to call Shuttle service: Contact on 007-8030-8520-888 to connect with Huawei hotline service to call shuttle service
  • Smart Diagnosis: EMUI 8.0 and above version supports the smart diagnosis, which is free of charge
  • Live Chat Hours: Monday to Sunday between 09.00 AM – 21.00 PM

Under the company’s supervision, you’ll get the 100% original spare part with full privacy protection. Also, don’t forget that this is a limited-time service offer, which is only valid until 30th September 2021. Hurry up guys and check if you need any kind of service.

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Huawei Mobile Services

Huawei South Africa offering screen replacement, starting at just R99



Huawei Screen Replacement Campaign

A worn-out smartphone screen never brings anything good but creates problems in the operation of the device specifically when it’s touch-sensitive. A smooth screen is as important as its mainboard, and other components for a device to run well.

But when specifically comes to the screen, it also concerns the look of the device as well. Concerning this fact, Huawei South Africa brings the Screen Replacement Campaign with a minimum starting price of R99 for the device. Isn’t it amazing to have a brand new-looking device at this much of minimum cost?

Aside from the lesser price, the company assures you the replace the scraped screen with an original screen of the model covering the older devices. Furthermore, the selected Honor smartphones are also included in this campaign.

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Huawei Screen Replacement Campaign

Below you can check the series selected for the Huawei Screen Replacement Campaign

Selected Smartphone Series:

  1. Huawei Mate Series
  2. Huawei P Series
  3. Huawei Y Series
  4. Huawei M Series
  5. Honor Series
  6. Huawei T Series

Some eligible smartphones of the above-mentioned series will be getting screen replacement services. The starting price is as low as R99 and varies according to the availability of the part. Besides, the company won’t charge any additional payment on any model.

Get your screen service done right now, save money on repairs, enjoy the smooth operation on your old device, and cherished your smartphone for a little longer time. Stay connected to know more offers like this.

Replacement Service Period:

The interesting users can walk into the authorized Huawei Service Center to get the service until 5 September 2021. It’s not too late to search for a center now.

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