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Huawei South Africa: Enjoy the Winter Service Campaign, service charges starting at R99



Huawei Winter Service Campaign

Huawei South Africa is conducting the Huawei Winter Service Campaign offering super saving offers on repair services to look after the sold devices. The consumers can enjoy a maximum discount of up to 50% on the service,  which will cover the spare part replacement.

Additionally, the new part will come with an extra warranty period to reduces the worries. Bring your device guys to avail of these offers and get your smartphone back to its purchasing condition. Now it’s time to dig for more information about this service campaign.

Winter Service Campaign Overview:

Below you can the benefits and services that are offered in this campaign along with their models and service costs.


  • Lower Price
  • Original Spare Part
  • Additional Warranty

This campaign is bringing the chance to avail all the services at a remarkably lower price with the 100% original spare part replacement guaranty from the company. Furthermore, Huawei is also offering an additional warranty limited to 90 days on the replaced spare parts.  This double benefit campaign will cover the following services-


  • Battery Repair
  • Screen Repair
  • Mainboard Repair
  • Service Center Query

From the battery to the mainboard, Huawei customers can replace any part at minimum service charges on some selected models of the Huawei smartphone lineup including the T series tablets. Additionally, some devices from Honor can also enjoy the benefits under the same conditions.

Besides, Huawei’s 24×7 customer care service offers you to satisfy all your queries about the service charges, delivery options, supernumerary component information, and so on.

Huawei Winter Service Campaign

Scroll down to check the eligible device list and service charges- 

Eligible Devices Series:

  • Huawei Mate Series
  • Huawei P Series
  • Huawei Y Series
  • Huawei Nova Series
  • Huawei G Series
  • Huawei M Series
  • Huawei T Series
  • Honor Devices

Note-  Some selected models from each series are eligible for repair services. Visit the authorized centers for more information.

Service Charges:

  • Battery Repair: R199 for all devices
  • Screen Repair: Starting with R99
  • Mainboard Repair Starting with R299

Note- The charges will vary according to the corresponding model for screen repair and mainboard repair service.

How to Avail?

The consumers can participate in the spare part replacement service by walking into a Service Center Only

Period of Replacement:

The campaign will end on the 5th of September 2021 but this whole course is divided into various time spans for different services. The details are mentioned below-

  • Screen Promotion: 23 July to 8 August/ 23 August to 5 September
  • Mainboard Promotion: 9 August to 22 August
  • Battery Promotion: 23 July to 31 August

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