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Huawei Smart Screen V98 gets HarmonyOS 3 beta 2



huawei HarmonyOS 3 BETA 2 V98

The most trusted brand Huawei is always dedicated to customer support and satisfaction not only with smartphones, but also with its other successful project like smart screens, and to enlarge the user’s experience, the company released the HarmonyOS 3 beta 2 update for the Huawei Smart Screen V98 device users.

However, Huawei Smart Screen V98 is another successful forecast of the company packed with high-end technology and innovative features. Over this, the new HarmonyOS 3 beta 2 update for the device will pretend like the ‘cherry on the cake’.

So if you are a beta tester of HarmonyOS 3.0 and own the Huawei Smart Screen V98 (HD98SOKA) model, then what are you waiting for the just upgrade your device over HarmonyOS (SP2) build version?

This update introduces a new super desktop feature, that allows you to play mobile phones on the smart screen. And brings you a super device collaborative experience, that is focused on the smart screen as well as a richer screen casting experience.

huawei HarmonyOS 3 BETA 2 V98

Below you can check the complete HarmonyOS 3 beta 2 changelog for the Huawei Smart Screen V98 model mentioned:


  • Super Device
    • You can connect your smartphone to the smart screen and play multiple games
    • You can use your handset as the touchpad to perform click and slide operations, and use the smart screen as a display to obtain a wider field of vision
    • Support for the parallel horizon screen adaptive function. Now, the mobile phone content is visible as dual-screen on the smart screen display
      Shows the application home page and content page at the same time
  • Mirror ScreenCast
    • Install Huawei Smart Life and you can cast the content of the device to the smart screen and enjoy the large-screen experience
    • Adds support for more devices
  • System
    • Fixed the issue where the scene recording files were not able to display
  • Security
    • Incorporates security patches to enhance the system security


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