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Huawei Smart Screen SE with HarmonyOS is now open for sale



Today, Huawei has officially put the latest Smart Screen SE Series on sale in the Chinese market, which was launched at the product launch conference on 19th May.

This latest lineup includes two screen sizes of 55-inches and 65-inches that cost 3299 Yuan and 4299 Yuan respectively.

This new generation smart screen has adequate Huawei Technologies, which made it more premium. This smart TV features Huawei color gamut technology, HarmonyOS ecosystem, Huawei Sound technology, and camera modules.

All the features will bring joy and a more realistic viewing and sound experience, which is good enough to impress the viewers. In terms of displaying capabilities, it produces 4K resolution, better brightness, dark pixels, anti-glare, anti-blue light, and Honghu image quality engine technology.

Furthermore, it works on the HarmonyOS operating system that let us take the benefit of Huawei share, multi-screen, and NFC features, which made it easier to share and watch pictures, videos, and other files on a big screen.

At the same time, the video calling experience delivers by the adjustable 13MP camera module and crystal clear sound produced by Huawei’s latest audio technology gives a realistic touch while watching or facing something.


In other words, this brand new smart TV series just another amazing product of Huawei exclusive technology contributing to changing the traditional definition of smart screens.


  • The 55-inches model cost 3,299 Yuan
  •  The 65-inches model cost 4,299 Yuan


  • It is available on and other e-commerce sites of Huawei

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