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Huawei HarmonyOS is ready to debut in the global market with the launch of this product



Huawei Vision S Smart Screen

By the end of 2019, Huawei launched its first smart TV product, Huawei Vision Smart Screen, which is also the first product to ship with a pre-installed HarmonyOS software system. As recently, Huawei has introduced its latest installment in this smart TV segment with the latest version of HarmonyOS in the Chinese market.

But finally, Huawei has now decided to bring its first HarmonyOS to the global market with the launch of its Vision series Smart Screen and it’ll first ship among consumers in Malaysia and will be announced as Huawei Vision S.

According to the official information, the Huawei Vision S smart screen smart TV is listed in two sizes of 55 and 65-inches on the Huawei Malaysia website and will launch soon in the market.

Huawei Smart Screen S:

This beautifully design smart TV creates a seamless interaction between the smart screen and the smartphone. You can see the top highlight glimpses of the model.


Top highlights of Vision S:

  • 120Hz High Refresh Rate Screen
  • HarmonyOS
  • 13 MP Magnetic Camera
  • Meet Time Video Call
  • Huawei Share
  • Huawei Sound

I Know only the glimpses don’t satisfy your curiosity about exploring the model. So without wasting the time let’s explore the specifications.

120Hz High Refresh Rate Screen:

Huawei Vision S features a 120Hz high refresh rate, which gives you extremely smooth motion. DCI-P3 color gamut of 92% gives the display stunning color technology.

Furthermore, it equipped with low blue light and flicker-free technology, to make sure the safety of your eyes.


It comes with the HarmonyOS distributed capabilities for an all-scenario smart life experience. It allows you to access boats of features, which surely made you experience fun. Beyond the imagination, you are able to operate

  1. OneHop Projection: You can enlarge your screen from phone to TV.
  2. Mirror Control: It placed the controlling functions on your smartphone.
  3. Distributed Gaming: The 30ms low latency gives you an amazing game experience.

13 MP Magnetic Camera:

This model features an adjustable camera of 13 megapixels. It can rotate in a straight line, which means 180 degrees, captures the best angle of you.

You need not struggle in attaching and removing it, which saves your precious time. Additionally, it makes sure that no one missed the frame with 1920 X 1080 picture capturing.

Meet Time Video Call: 

All thanks to the powerful camera you will able to enjoy 1080P MeetTime Video Call on the large screen.

It will really be interesting to chat with someone on a 65-inches large screen in1080P high resolution. Also, there is a call transfer feature, which allows you to shift your calls on this large screen.


Huawei Share:

Huawei Share is the coolest and convenient feature offered by the screen, It allows you to transfer photos, videos, music, and application to the smart screen from your smartphone.

Huawei Sound:

The Screen mechanism equipped the 4 built-in stereo speakers of Dolby Audio along with the cutting-edge Huawei Histen audio algorithms.

AI Speaker mode allows you to listen to your favorite playlist without turning the screen off. The Song focused experience is really enjoyable.

Price and Availablity:

There is no official word from the company about the price and availably of this model. But the company is likely to be revealed it on the 27th of April when the pre-order ends.


From then you will able to pre-order this supermodel and will get exclusive promotions.

Dates for Pre-order:

  • Start from 27th April by 8 PM
  • Ends on 2nd May

Stay tuned, we will update you further, as soon as there is new information about this.

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HarmonyOS multi-window feature rolling out for Huawei MatePad SE



Huawei MatePad SE May 2022 update

Recently, Huawei launched the budget-friendly device MatePad SE for its consumers, and now the device is receiving its first software update with the May 2022 security patch. Alongside, the update has some new tweaks for the users that will bring more ease in accomplishing day-to-day tasks.

Huawei MatePad SE packs the latest HarmonyOS 2.0 interface. Hence, it already has a bunch of customizations for the users. Besides, the unique layout with a 10.1-inch FHD display and 7.0 sound effect, gives a perfect framework to the device.

Coming back to the topic, Huawei MatePad SE May 2022 update lands on the HarmonyOS interface with version, upgraded from Further, the update is accessible to the device carrying the model number AGS3K-W20.

The latest HarmonyOS update brings the May 2022 security patch. Apart from the security improvements, the update adds the smart multi-window feature. As a result, users will find a bunch of new tugs and gestures with a better security system.


Huawei MatePad SE May 2022 update

What is the Smart Multi-Window feature?

As the name reflects, the feature lets you work on multiple windows on one screen. Moreover, it lets you perform special gestures that make device performance more efficient. For instance, swipe and drag options, access to floating windows, quick minimize and maximize functions, and more.

Full Changelog:

New: Smart Multi-Window 

  • Swipe inward from both sides of the screen to pause
  • Call out function for the side application bar
  • Long press and drag the application to open the split-screen immediately
  • New gestures that allow the opening of a floating window with just one click on the application
  • Now users can reply to instant messages through the floating window while watching videos or playing games
  • Addition of a feature to quickly minimize the window and hide it in the floating wall

Security Patch

  • Incorporates the May 2022 security patch that enhances the system security and increases the stability of the device

Huawei MatePad SE May 2022 update

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Huawei June 2022 update brings security improvements for Enjoy 20 5G phones



Huawei Enjoy 20 June 2022 update

Huawei’s latest smartphones have already received the June 2022 security patch, so the company is now turning its attention to the entry-level models. Currently, the 5G variant Huawei Enjoy 20 is getting the June 2022 security update.

The June 2022 HarmonyOS update is rolling out in the home market for the respective device users. It has a firmware number which is upgraded from the previous HarmonyOS build. Hence, to install the update, users must have their devices running on the version.

Software receiving models

The following models are eligible to grab the fresh HarmonyOS update:

  • Huawei Enjoy 20 5G (WKG-AN00)
  • Huawei Enjoy 20 5G (WKG-TN00)

So Huawei Enjoy 20 users! Do you know what new fixes arrive with the June 2022 security patch?

Huawei fixes a bunch of CVEs including video framework, system section, fingerprint sensor modules, and design defects with the latest June 2022 security patch. On the other hand, the firmware also fixes third-party library exploits, found in the last version.


Huawei Enjoy 20 June 2022 update

Thus, we suggest users install the update as soon as it appears on the notifications through the OTA medium. Apart from waiting for OTA, users can download the software through the Settings menu of the smartphone.

Before you upgrade, we recommend checking the battery level as well as the storage space of the device. Besides, users must take a backup of all the important files to another device.

Since the update might have a huge package, users must conduct the installation process under a stable Wi-Fi connection. Users may experience overheating or freezing of the device after the upgrade, this happens due to self-optimization and is completely normal.

Huawei Enjoy 20 June 2022 Update Changelog:

  • Version updates from to
  • Security: Installs a new security patch released in June 2022 that enhances the system’s stability.

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Huawei HarmonyOS June 2022 Updates List



huawei harmonyos june 2022

Huawei developed HarmonyOS for many devices that come with various features, especially smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. As we are in June 2022, the company is sending a bunch of HarmonyOS updates for Huawei devices and we’re here to explore them in a single archive.

Similar to EMUI, HarmonyOS has its own software rollout plan and security patch bulletin. Although Huawei has kept HarmonyOS limited to the Chinese market, the company sends monthly and quarterly HarmonyOS security firmware via the OTA medium. Moreover, these updates bring security, optimizations, and system improvements for the consumers.

HarmonyOS 3.0:

Meanwhile, Huawei is preparing to launch HarmonyOS 3.0 with lots of improvements in terms of performance. Version 3.0 seeming brings you platform stability optimizations as compared to HarmonyOS 2.0. Although Huawei has not confirmed the rollout date for the public smartphone users, we’re expecting the company to start HarmonyOS 3.0 beta soon enough for the Chinese models.

huawei harmonyos june 2022

HarmonyOS updates:

Aside from these, the Huawei HarmonyOS June 2022 update archive will give you the best coverage over all of the rollouts that will occur throughout the month ad you can see them below.



June 27, 2022:

Huawei Mate X2 foldable smartphone users have started collecting the June 2022 security update. The update is rolling out as HarmonyOS with updated security patches.

June 25, 2022:

Honor 9X series which consists of the standard 9X model and the Pro variant is finally receiving the May 2022 security update.


June 24, 2022:

The 5G Capable smartphone – Huawei Enjoy 20 Plus has started grabbing a new software update that integrates the June 2022 security patch. The firmware is carrying the latest HarmonyOS version Read More

June 13, 2022:

Huawei has released the latest HarmonyOS update for the standard Mate Xs smartphone. The update appears as with better stability for the device.


June 11, 2022:

Huawei Nova 7 and 7 Pro (5G variants) begin collecting the May 2022 HarmonyOS update. The new update mends the security system and optimizes it with better stability.

June 10, 2022:

A new HarmonyOS update is approaching the Huawei Nova 8 SE Vitality Edition. Besides new improvements, the update incorporates the May 2022 security patch.


Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro June 2022 update started rolling out in Europe. The update arrives with some new changes and innovations for the device.

June 9, 2022:

Huawei MatePad 10.4 receives the latest HarmonyOS update that lands on the device surface with a bunch of eye-catching features.

June 7, 2022:


June 2022 HarmonyOS update is rolling out for the Huawei Watch GT 3. Along with several new features and optimizes, the update is appearing as

June 6, 2022:

Huawei is sending the April 2022 update for the MatePad Pro 12.6 tablet consumers residing in Europe.

June 5, 2022:


The 6 years old Huawei Mate 9 series is getting a new feature update. This update is rolling out on the surface of HarmonyOS. Check out the new features Here

June 4, 2022:

Huawei Enjoy Z 5G smartphone users are getting the May 2022 HarmonyOS security update. Read More

Huawei HarmonyOS software update with May 2022 security patch goes live for the Enjoy 20 Pro 5G users. The new patch brings finer optimizations for the internal system.


Huawei Nova 7 SE 5G Lohas Edition obtains the May 2022 security patch with HarmonyOS software update.

Huawei has started rolling out the May 2022 HarmonyOS update for Honor V30 and V30 Pro smartphone users. The patch ultimately prevents latency and boosts the device’s performance.

Huawei Nova 7 SE 5G Vitality Edition smartphone users can now install the latest May 2022 security patch with the latest HarmonyOS update.

Huawei Mate X2 has begun receiving a new HarmonyOS software update that accompanies the May 2022 security patch.


Huawei has released the May 2022 HarmonyOS update for the P40 series. Currently, the update is rolling out in the Chinese market with version

June 2, 2022:

Huawei P10 series gains a new feature update that arrives on the HarmonyOS platform. The update appears with a bunch of additions for Display, Games, Communication, Systems, and Security. Read More

June 1, 2022:


Huawei Watch 3 is receiving a new HarmonyOS software update with version version. This update comes with new watch face improvements, car key features, and optimizations for a number of system features including audio, stability, and more.

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