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Huawei Smart Photovoltaics launched to promote high-quality solar developments



During the 16th (2023) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference (hereinafter referred to as “SNEC 2023”), Huawei launched Smart Photovoltaics.

Huawei Smart Photovoltaics demonstrated smart solar storage generators and a new generation of full-scenario smart solar storage solutions, covering three major scenarios.

These are – Clean energy bases, industrial and commercial, and household use. Huawei says it is committed to helping smart photovoltaics become the main energy source and building a green and beautiful future together.

Huawei Smart Photovoltaics signed cooperation agreements with customers and partners from all over the world.

Huawei signed agreements with overseas companies such as Photomate, Innovative Energy Company, Negratin, WEG, EnergoBit, and more. While strategic cooperation agreements have also been signed with customers such as China Energy Construction Shanxi Power Construction, GCL Group, and Wuhan Rixin.

Huawei Smart Photovoltaics

SNEC 2023:

This year, the event hosted over 500000 visitors, setting a record for the largest scale. The new-generation full-scenario smart solar storage solution released and displayed by Huawei Smart Photovoltaics not only became the “King of Popularity” at this SNEC exhibition but also won the highest award of SNEC’s top ten highlights.

Among them, the Nisshin Technology Photovoltaic Zero Carbon Park, which all adopts Huawei’s smart photovoltaic solutions, won the “Zero Carbon Park Design Label” issued by the National Building Energy Conservation Quality Inspection and Testing Center at the SNEC exhibition.

It has become the first photovoltaic zero carbon park in the country to obtain this Huawei Smart Photovoltaics released the “White Paper on Smart Photovoltaic Storage Generators” and other four white papers set industry standards for the stable grid connection of new energy and the electrical safety of photovoltaic storage power stations, and guide the healthy development of the industry.

DEKRA, a third-party professional certification body, also issued the IEC 62443 network security certification for Huawei Digital Energy smart photovoltaic products. And the first domestic certification that complies with the Common Criteria for Information Technology Network Security (CC, Common Criteria) – EAL3+ level certification.

Huawei’s smart photovoltaic products have formed a top-down complete network security certification system, and have been fully recognized in the field of network security.

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