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Huawei Data Center Energy Won Four European Awards Again



Recently, Huawei Data Center Energy won four awards. These are “Best Data Center Facility Supplier of the Year”, “New Design/Build Data Center Project of the Year”, “Best Power Supply and Distribution Innovation Award for Data Center of the Year”, and “Annual The Best Data Center Temperature Control Innovation Award”.

DCS Awards awards dinner, an international event in the data center industry, held in London, England. The latest awards show the industry’s unanimous recognition of Huawei’s full range of data center energy product solutions and services.

Based on the innovative concept of GSSR (Green, Simple, Intelligent, and Secure), Huawei Data Center Energy has created three scenario-based solutions for large data centers, small and medium data centers, and key power supply.

These focus on providing reliable support for customers and partners to build digital bases, and provide a solid guarantee for the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

With leading product solutions, continuous breakthroughs in innovative technologies, and high-quality services, Huawei Data Center Energy has won double affirmation from customers and professional judges.

It has been awarded the “Best Data Center Facility Supplier of the Year” for four consecutive years.

Among them, Green, as a leading data center solution and service provider in Switzerland, adopted Huawei’s SmartLi UPS solution in the new Zurich Metro Campus project.

It focuses on creating a high-density, efficient, and intelligent operation and maintenance power supply and distribution system, further promoting the sustainable development of data centers. develop. In this year’s DCS AWARDS, Green won the “New Design/Build Data Center Project of the Year Award”.

Computing power is productivity. The rapid development of artificial intelligence has brought about an exponential increase in computing power demand, and its energy consumption has also increased significantly.

Huawei Data Center Energy awards

Under the background of “dual carbon”, it has become a rigid demand to adopt high-efficiency energy-saving technologies and product solutions to build low-PUE green data centers.

Through continuous R&D investment and technology accumulation, Huawei’s power module 3.0 solution and indirect evaporative cooling EHU solution stand out among many innovative technologies with their excellent effects of high-efficiency power supply and green cooling, and respectively won the “Best Data Center Power Supply and Distribution of the Year” Innovation Award” and “Best Data Center Temperature Control Innovation Award of the Year”.

Huawei Power Module 3.0 adapts one row and one circuit power through the deep integration of the whole chain and the optimization of key nodes, and 22 cabinets are replaced by 11 cabinets, saving 40% of the floor space.

Through the smart online mode, the whole chain efficiency can reach 97.8%, which is much higher than the traditional power supply efficiency of 94.5%, reducing energy consumption by 60%.

The prefabricated corridor bridge busbar is adopted, the core components are prefabricated and pre-commissioned in the factory, and the delivery time is shortened from February to 2 weeks.

At the same time, with the blessing of iPower, passive maintenance has been transformed into predictive maintenance, truly creating a preferred solution for the power supply and distribution of large data centers that saves land, electricity, time, and worry.

To conclude, it’s better than industry is recognizing Huawei’s solutions more than before and it’s a best way to celebrate these four new awards for Huawei Data Center Energy.

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