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Huawei slipped to 7th spot in the global smartphone market: Canalys Q1 2021 Result



Huawei’s smartphone market is greatly affected by the US sanctions, it will take some time to recover from it. However, the company is also working in the smart car industry to make up for the loss.

According to the latest report released by the well-known market agency- Canalys, Huawei slipped to the 7th spot in the global smartphone market for the first quarter of 2021.

This smartphone shipment report reveals, a total of 347 million smartphones are shipped across the world and registered an annual increase of 27%.

The top place is acquired by the Samsung Group with 76.5 million shipped smartphones and 22% of the total market share. The company recorded a 28% of the yearly increase. The US-based Apple is catching up with this Korean giant with 52.4 million shipments and 15% market shares. It shows 41% of annual growth.

Xiaomi recorded the highest growth of 62% and reached third place surpassing Huawei. This China-based firm sold a total of 49.0 million smartphones and acquire 14% shares in the global market. It’s the top Chinese smartphone vendor across the globe for the first quarter of 2021.

OPPO and Vivo are in fourth and fifth position respectively. Both companies sold 37.6 and 36.0 million units and accounted for 11% and 10% of the total market shares in the global market. OPPO registered a 60% of annual increase, which is second after Xiaomi while Vivo shoes the 48% of yearly growth.

Well, it’s just the start of 2021, the smartphone vendors still have a long way to go. Huawei has enough time to take back the crown, it’ll interesting to see whether Huawei is able to make a comeback or any other firm will emerge as the smartphone king.

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