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Huawei Share will get new functionality with software update



Huawei share

Huawei Share is an essential and powerful feature for Huawei devices and the company will soon add new functionality with an upcoming software update.

According to the information, Huawei will seed an automatic turn-off of Huawei Share, this new functionality will come into the effect after 10 minutes of enabling the feature.

The company has confirmed that it will prevent users from accepting unnecessary file-sharing requests. However, we could assume that the feature will not disconnect during an active file transfer.

As for now, Huawei Share remains enabled until you turn it off manually. Huawei is preparing this software update for Huawei devices powered by the HarmonyOS operating system and it is yet to expand among the eligible devices.

Huawei share


Aside from unnecessary file requests, such a feature could help users to preserve battery life, as a user forgets to disable Huawei Share after using. While on the other hand, it will improve the device’s safety.

Huawei Share:

Huawei Share allows you to quickly send images, videos, apps, and other files to nearby Huawei devices without using mobile data. You can also allow computers on the same network to access files on connected devices without using cables.

The data transfer rate of Huawei Share is extremely fast, as it utilizes WiFi and NFC technologies to quickly establish connections between devices and share files across models.

With this feature, you can share a 2GB movie or a series of albums containing a lot of photos within 30 seconds. How to use Huawei Share.

On both the receiving and sending phone, swipe down from the upper right edge of the screen to display the control panel, and expand the quick settings icons. Now you need to select the device you want to send the file over and tap on Accept on the other hand.

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