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Huawei security chief challenges U.S. government to publish the evidences to prove alleged crimes



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Huawei cybersecurity chief, John Suffolk said on Friday that if the U.S. holds evidence to prove any allegation against Huawei then why not they show it publicly.

A recent report claimed that the US security official has evidence of Huawei accessing telecom equipment data through ‘backdoors’. Of which, Huawei has completely denied.

Suffolk said Huawei did not make the equipment that network operators used to intercept communications if required, adding that the United States had not produced any evidence to support any of its allegations, reports Reuters.

“We just say: ‘Don’t hide it, don’t be shy. Publish it, let the world see it’,” he said.

Suffolk added that no mobile operator ever having given the Huawei access to the equipment to intercept calls or data.

“We have no access to this equipment, we don’t know what call or information is being intercepted, we don’t know when it is intercepted – all we do is provide one side of the box which is blind to what’s happening on the other side of the box,” John Suffolk told reporters.

The official also told that these allegations are not affecting the trust of Huawei’s customers that is the result of the past 30 years of research and development.

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