New U.S. charges are to discredit and smear the reputation of Huawei: Huawei

The US government has been continuously using every aspect of its strength to defame Huawei whether it be legislative, administrative, judicial, or diplomatic, and has even tried to turn public opinion against Huawei to disrupt our normal business operations.

Yet again on Thursday, the U.S. Federal prosecutors announced new charges against Huawei and two of its subsidiaries for racketeering conspiracy charges and plotting to steal trade secrets from American firms.

Huawei said these charges are old and based largely on resolved civil disputes from the last 20 years that have been previously settled, litigated, and in some cases, rejected by federal judges and juries.

“In these disputes, no court has ever found that Huawei had engaged in malicious intellectual property theft, or required Huawei to pay damages for infringement on others’ intellectual property,” said Huawei.

Huawei mentioned that the criminal lawsuit filed against the company over the kind of civil intellectual property disputes is common across the industry and the sole purpose of these new charges is to defame the Chinese tech giant.

“The US government’s sole purpose for this is to attack, discredit, and smear the reputation of Huawei’s leading technologies. They want to damage Huawei’s competitive edge in the global market.” It added.

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