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Huawei has new chip packaging component manufacturing process



Huawei Kirin

In July this year, Huawei applied for a new patent, “Chip packaging components and its manufacturing process”. According to the China Intellectual Property database, the company’s patent has passed this patent on November 26, 2021, and been published with a number CN113707623A in China.

According to the patent application, this Huawei patent is entitled to a chip packaging component, an electronic device, and a manufacturing process of the chip packaging component. This patent technology can better solve part of the heat dissipation problem.

Huawei Chip packaging method

Patent description:

The chip package assembly includes a package substrate, a chip, and a heat sink. The package substrate includes an upper conductive layer, a lower conductive layer, and a conductive portion connected between the upper conductive layer and the lower conductive layer.

The chip includes a front electrode and a back electrode disposed opposite to each other and also embedded in the package substrate, the conductive part surrounds the chip, the front electrode is connected to the lower conductive layer, and the back electrode is connected to the upper conductive layer.

The heat dissipation part is connected to the surface of the upper conductive layer away from the chip. The upper conductive layer, the lower conductive layer, and the conductive parts have thermal conductivity. The chip is connected to the upper conductive layer and the lower conductive layer of the package substrate so that the heat generated by the chip can be conducted and dissipated in both directions.

A heat dissipation portion is provided on the upper conductive layer so that the chip package assembly can achieve a better heat dissipation effect. Moreover, there are more serious heat dissipation problems and if the chip cannot be effectively dissipated, there will be certain security risks.


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