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Huawei releases new schemes for green power effect in Egypt



Huawei Green Power schemes Egypt

During the COP27 Global Climate Conference in Egypt, Huawei unveiled new schemes and solutions that will enhance the green power effect and its usage in the region. These solutions will also improve network efficiency alongside.

As per the latest details, Huawei and Orange Egypt organization has jointly introduced a handful of innovative plans. Eventually, these plans aim to remove the old and primitive fossil fuel power products.

Further, it includes the deployment of solutions that can promote green power usage among industries. As a result, it will increase energy conservation and will reduce pollution across the Egypt boundaries.

In addition, both cooperations revealed their plans for advanced networking systems. Accordingly, these systems will lessen the carbon effect and will support eco-friendly energy production in the industrial sectors.

Back in 2019, Huawei and Orange Egypt introduced a hybrid power-saving and fuel-saving solution. On the sideways, Huawei has also provided a variety of battery solutions that decreased operational expenditure by 40%.

As of now, the company is making its partnership with Egypt operators more stable by developing new solutions.

Ayman Amiri – CTO of Orange Egypt depicts that both parties will persistently support green development in the region. Besides, there will be more effective network systems in the time ahead.

Huawei on Green Power Schemes in Egypt

Huawei constantly brings the finest solutions that can make worldwide industries a carbon-free sector. So far, the company has launched numerous network and digital products that can accelerate digitization while decreasing energy consumption.

The CEO of Huawei Egypt’s Carrier Busines – Tim Zhou said that the company will keep helping its Egypt partners for a green society.

“As a reliable partner of operators in Egypt, Huawei will continue to provide innovative ICT solutions to help operators build efficient and green 5G networks to save energy, reduce emissions, and develop a green-based society.”

Huawei also said that it will soon launch a reflective green energy system that can increase the use of green power in the country.


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