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Huawei signed contract with eight partners to improve business relations



huawei partners

Recently, Huawei and eight business partners signed a contract. As per the input revealings, this new contract aims to build a trusted and better cooperative relationship among various industries in China.

Alongside improved relations, the agreement also defines new ways to digital solutions, integrations, security, and operational services. Eventually, these steps will help in the overall development of the country.

According to the latest information, Huawei has mainly signed the contract to set a standard platform for its e-government service operators and business partners. It will enhance urban digitalization as well as the customer experience.

Moreover, it will also support the Chinese tech maker to establish its goodwill in the global market and to initiate a positive competition surface around the world.

Apart from the signing ceremony, the eight cooperations also delivered a speech on their plans and future innovations. To be mentioned, the eight partners in this contract include the following names:

  • Shenzhen Benkai Security Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Huahai Zhihui Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Huaxia Kunpeng Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Shanghai Pengbang Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Zhejiang Xunmeng Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Chengdu News For Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Bamboo Cloud Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Beijing Chinasoft Internation Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Huawei aims for equal benefits

The Senior Vice President of Huawei and CEO of All-in-One Government Service Corps – Yang Ruikai said that this agreement will equally benefit all the partners in this ceremony.

Together, we will continue to bring AI, 5G, and digital solutions that will strengthen the digital economy of China.

“Global government affairs and urban digitalization have huge opportunities and space. And we need to build end-to-end service capabilities with our partners. Intelligent connection, Intelligent hub, one-network unified management, and other scenarios, increase investment in building capabilities, and the directors of each exhibition will enhance the joint competitiveness of the market, get through the last mile of customer needs, truly solve customer pain points, and provide the best customer experience.”


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