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Huawei and China Mobile completes field inspection of new network solution



Huawei network solution inspection

Huawei and China Mobile research group has recently concluded the field inspection of the 4.9GHz large-scale antenna array AAU (Active Antenna Unit) network solution. The external tests and verification processes of the product took place in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

The Chinese tech maker is speedily working on advanced networking and digitization. Eventually, it keeps on introducing new solutions that can contribute to the digital economy and development.

Currently, Huawei and China Mobile cooperation jointly initiated the field inspection of the 4.9GHz AAU network solution. Accordingly, the company will soon deploy the respective solution in the region.

Speaking of the verification results, the product is highly effective in terms of distance covered, network extracting rate, facilitating a large number of users, and aiding innovation research and development.

In simple words, the advanced 4.9GHz AAU product reflects a 20% increase in the coverage distance. Besides, the cell edge rate has been hyped by 60%. Next, the single-user network efficiency has excelled by 30%.

On the greener side, the corresponding solution improves the overall networking for users residing in distant areas. As a result, every user can access better network facilities and services with much lower power consumption.

4.9GHz AAU is comparatively better

So far, China Mobile cooperation has placed a variety of network solutions in the region. However, the latest network solution is more stable than traditional ones. It doesn’t result in loss of penetration or weaker frequency and signals.

Moreover, the new network solution is built upon the AAU base and relies upon simple and minimal frameworks. It utilizes the antenna structure completely and exhibits an increase in the coverage area.

To gain such outcomes, China Mobile has associated with Huawei to develop and facilitate the advanced solution in Hangzhou. Both cooperatives carried out the inspection procedures and noted down the vital measurements.

Since the major verification is completed, the company will soon begin the deployment process.

Huawei network solution inspection


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