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Huawei releases January 2021 EMUI security patch details



Since September 2020, Huawei has begun the testing of its latest OS skin, EMUI 11/Magic UI 4 for its devices in the home ground as well as in global markets.

After months of EMUI 11/Magic UI 4 beta testing, Huawei concluded the stable EMUI 11 version for the Huawei P40 series, Mate 30 series, MatePad Pro series, Nova 7 series, Nova 6 series, MatePad 10.8, Mate Xs, P30, P30 Pro as well as stable Magic UI 4 for Honor 30 and V30 series in China till now.

Currently, some Huawei/Honor devices are underway EMUI 11/Magic UI 4 beta testing. Also, the company is working rapidly to expand its EMUI 11/Magic UI 4 testing program for its eligible device and planning to complete the beta program as soon as possible. Read more

Back in December 2020, Huawei has released the HarmonyOS 2.0 smartphone developer beta version and opened the recruitment of Huawei P40, P40 Pro, Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro, and MatePad Pro for HarmonyOS mobile beta testing simultaneously.

In the meantime, Huawei releases monthly and quarterly security patches for its device for further security improvements. Now, the company has released the January 2021 security patch details that will be rolled out for Huawei and Honor device.

The security updates for Huawei devices include CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure) announced in the January 2021 Android security bulletin.

The following are the CVE announced in January 2021 EMUI security update Android security bulletin.

Critical: CVE-2020-11225, CVE-2021-0313, CVE-2021-0316, CVE-2019-17666

High: CVE-2020-11217, CVE-2020-11167, CVE-2020-0466, CVE-2020-11146, CVE-2020-0465, CVE-2020-0444, CVE-2019-9376, CVE-2021-0309, CVE-2021-0315, CVE-2021-0319, CVE-2021-0311, CVE-2021-0312, CVE-2021-0306, CVE-2021-0307, ​​CVE-2021-0317, CVE-2021-0322, CVE- 2021-0304, CVE-2016-6328, CVE-2021-0318, CVE-2021-0320, CVE-2021-0308, CVE-2020-0471, CVE-2020-9158, CVE-2018-20856, CVE-2019- 15214

Medium: CVE-2020-15999

Low: None

Included in the previous announcement: CVE-2019-10628, CVE-2019-13994, CVE-2019-13995, CVE-2019-14074, CVE-2020-11133, CVE-2020-11135, CVE-2020-3620, CVE -2020-3621, CVE-2020-3622, CVE-2020-3634, CVE-2019-10527, CVE-2018-11970, CVE-2020-3657, CVE-2020-3670, CVE-2020-3673, CVE-2020 -3654, CVE-2020-3703, CVE-2020-11157

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