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Huawei registers new HarmonyOS related trademarks, seems to be preparing for HDC 2020



HarmonyOS/Hongmeng OS

Last month, Huawei has filed new trademarks related to its self-developed operating system, HarmonyOS AKA Hongmeng OS. These are some of the latest addition of trademark in the HarmonyOS domain and raises anticipation that the company seems to be working on new HarmonyOS technologies.

On June 19, 2020, Huawei has filed brand trademarks for Huawei HarmonyOS, HarmonyOS Connected, and HarmonyOS Linked in China. However, there’s no additional information mentioned on the trademark applications except for the name of the trademarks.

Huawei HarmonyOS, HarmonyOS Connected, HarmonyOS Linked trademark

Why Huawei is still trademarking “Huawei HarmonyOS”? It could be the fact that the company had officially trademarked this OS as HongMeng OS in China and it’s known by this name among Chinese consumers.

Now come to the Huawei Connected and HarmonyOS Linked, both of these sounds like smart or IoT devices such as connected car systems and wearables.


Last year at Huawei Developer Conference 2019, Huawei launched its new microkernel-based, distributed operating system – HarmonyOS. This new operating system is developed to deliver cross-device user experience throughout the Huawei ecosystem.

Initially, the HarmonyOS featured on Honor branded Smart TV and later adopted by Huawei Smart TV. In 2020, Huawei added more smart features to these devices.


According to the official timeline of HarmonyOS, the company likely to introduce HarmonyOS version 2.0 for PCs, SmartWatch/Bands, and in-Vehicle systems at Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (HDC 2020) Consumer.

HarmonyOS Version Development Roadmap

HarmonyOS Version Development Roadmap

A previous report reveals that the company has filed a trademark for “MateWatch” and this could be the first smartwatch to feature HarmonyOS. Some reports also suggest that Huawei will also be going to introduce its Personal Computers for the consumers, packed with this homegrown OS exclusive for the home ground.

Ready for Phones?

Huawei has already used some features of HarmonyOS to its EMUI 10 software architecture such as the distributed technology but the os currently has flaws and bugs compared to the Android.

Therefore, the Chinese tech giant may want to introduce HarmonyOS on its wearables and other devices before launching it on a smartphone.

Currently, Huawei has not yet announced news or statements regarding the next version of HarmonyOS or HDC 2020 but don’t worry we’ll keep you posted with further updates.

HarmonyOS Linked trademark Screenshot

HarmonyOS Linked

HarmonyOS Connected trademark Screenshot

HarmonyOS Connected

Huawei HarmonyOS trademark screenshot

Huawei HarmonyOS

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