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Huawei registered a new Robot company with $121 million capital



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Recently, Huawei has registered a new robot company named ” Dongguan Jimu Machinery Co., Ltd.” in China. This company is legally formed Huawei chairman Li Jianguo, with a registered capital of 870 million yuan (about $121 million).

The business scope includes electronic component manufacturing, engineering and technical research, import and export of goods, Technology import and export, technology exchange, technology transfer, experimental development and more. Meanwhile, the shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by Huawei.

Before this, Huawei Anchi Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the legal representative is Chen Zhibo with the registered capital is 50 million yuan. The registered place is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.

The business scope includes construction projects, building intelligent system design, information system integration services, network technology services, engineering management services, 5G communication technology services, information technology consulting services, and more Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by Huawei.

Huawei ChatBot:

Huawei announced a new chat robot patent, titled “A System and Method for Human-Machine Dialogue”, with the application number CN113505205A. The latest chatbot program in the patent shows Huawei technology, which can generate adaptive replies. The patent feature could be used in a dialogue exchange device. It will come with pre-installed replies on various or specific topics.

The technical description of this patent includes (translated):

“Obtain the text input by the user; determine at least one topic involved in the text, and determine the target from the multiple dialogue robots according to the at least one topic involved in the text and the predefined mapping relationship between multiple dialogue robots and multiple topics For a dialogue robot, at least one target topic corresponding to the target dialogue robot is part or all of at least one topic involved in the first sentence. The new company established by Huawei may be related to this patent.”

Currently, Huawei has not made any public statement on the establishment of the new robot company.


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