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Huawei refused rumor of launching 10,000 6G satellites



huawei satellite communication

Recently a rumor took over China’s Weibo that Huawei will launch 10,000 low-orbit satellites but Huawei has refused such news and rumor.

Huawei said that the company is focusing on innovation such as 5G-A AKA 5.5G and enhancements to the 5G ecosystem. This new network standard increases 10 times the download speed from a standard 5G network. The company also working on technologies including synaesthesia integration, passive IoT, and endogenous intelligence.

In a recent test, the downlink capacity of the 5G-A is as high as more than 27.5Gpbs, and the downlink capacity of a single user is more than 13.4Gbps. Meanwhile, the peak uplink rate is as high as more than 4.6Gbps. Huawei thinks that the development of 5.5G is important to advance ahead in network technologies nad pave a way for 6G.

huawei satellite communication

Yang Chaobin, Huawei’s Senior Vice President and President of ICT Products & Solutions said earlier this year that 6G is still in the early stages of research and 5.5G is necessary for the natural evolution of 5G.

For now, the launch date of 6G remains unknown due to the research and development it would take based on the development made on 5.5G. On the other hand, Huawei is using features such as satellite SMS and calling but those are based on the services from third-party satellite providers.

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