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6G in research, therefore 5.5G is a necessary evolution of 5G: Huawei



Huawei 6g

Huawei is promoting 5.5G as the next major stage for the mobile network and said that 6G may take some time, therefore, 5.5G is a necessary development for existing 5G networks.

Yang Chaobin, Huawei’s Senior Vice President and President of ICT Products & Solutions delivered a keynote speech “On the Fast Track to the 5.5G Era”. The Senior Huawei official also mentions, as 6G is still in its early stage of research, 5.5G is a necessary and natural evolution of 5G, and this has become an industry consensus.

According to Yang, due to the concerted efforts from the industry, 5.5G has achieved many breakthroughs in key technologies. Multiple operators around the world have successfully verified innovative technologies such as extremely large antenna arrays (ELAA) and Multi-band Serving Cell (MBSC), making 10 Gbps a reality for 5.5G.

The standardization of 50G PON for F5.5G as next-generation PON by the ITU-T and the maturing key technologies such as uplink and downlink symmetry and multi-band in one is paving the way for a smooth evolution to F5.5G.

The development of 5.5G and F5.5G will drive IP-based upgrades to open up the era of Net5.5G. This era will see continued enhancement of 800GE ultra-broadband, E2E IPv6+, intelligence, security, and latency, bringing operators new capabilities, products, and opportunities to stimulate growth.

“The rapid growth of 5G has led to new service requirements becoming more diverse and complex, requiring stronger 5G capabilities. Taking 5G to its next milestone 5.5G is necessary to improve 5G, which has become an industry trend and an established consensus.” Yang Chaobin, Senior Vice President and President of ICT Products & Solutions at Huawei.

Huawei 6g

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