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Huawei Mobile Manager said Xiaomi HyperOS should remove Android



Xiaomi HyperOS

A Huawei Mobile Communication System R&D Manager and OpenHarmony R&D engineer has reacted to the Xiaomi HyperOS operating system and said that Xiaomi should remove Android from its source code.

He said that HyperOS is very technical with 30% of the system kernel layer based on native Android Linux. About 10% is modified by Xiaomi and 60% is self-developed. The self-development part includes its own Vela software system. The key functionality such as the cross-end layer is also self-developed by Xiaomi. However, it’s deeply involved with Android in its core layer.

Commenting on this, Huawei related person expressed that Xiaomi should remove the Android bottom layer in HyperOS and develop the layer completely by itself. However, the person wants the change to happen gradually.

To conclude, he said that Xiaomi has a long way to go in self-development and research and it could generate outstanding contributions to the software community.

HyperOS has a HarmonyOS-like approach. The company has designed and developed this new operating system with cross-device connectivity. We’ve seen this concept first in the Huawei-led software, which later became open source as “OpenHarmony”.

Since the very beginning, Huawei has been keeping some of the AOSP Android libraries in HarmonyOS to support EMUI and Android apps. Over the past three years, the Chinese tech company has increased the number of HarmonyOS developers. Therefore, the company could now move towards a pure HarmonyOS experience.

At HDC 2023, Huawei announced the launch of HarmonyOS NEXT. This new version of HarmonyOS will remove all of the Android code and run only native HarmonyOS apps.

Huawei xiaomi hyperos remove android


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