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Huawei ranks 24th in IFI 250 global patent ranking




IFI claims patent service is a leading platform for patent data analytics around the globe. Recently, it released a ranking report on the world’s 250 largest patent holders (as of January 2021).

The reports show that a total of 8 companies and institutions of China appearing in this list. Among them, the top 3 Chinese companies are Huawei, BOE, and Lenovo, which are listed under the top 100 in the world.

According to the IFI database analysis report, the world’s largest valid patent holders including subsidiaries of China are Huawei at 24th position with 17,112 patents, BOE on 57th with 9373 patent, Lenovo stands at 82nd position with 6648 patent, and so on.

The IFI ranking is based on the patent holdings of subsidiaries within the parent company. Therefore, Samsung secures the first rank in the overall list with 80,577 valid patent series, which is more than twice IBM’s 38,541, which is on second in the IFI list.

Adding to this, Canon ranked third with 36,161 patents followed by Microsoft, Bosch. Among other well-known companies, Qualcomm ranked 15th, Nokia ranked 18th, and Apple ranked 20th.

IFI Claims also published a ranking of the number of patents granted in the United States based on the nationality of the assignee. Data show that the United States is in a leading position in this field. The United States has issued 164,379 patents to its assignees during 2020.

In contrast, Mainland China obtained 18,792 patents authorized in the United States in 2020, a total increase of 11.3% over 2019. However, there is still a big gap between the United States and fourth-ranked China, with Japan (52,421 patents) and South Korea (22,400 patents) ranking second and third. (Quietly).


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