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Huawei published new patent for Lithium ion battery and manufacturing technology, to improve capacity and performance



Huawei Smart Charging Mode

Back in 2019, Huawei filed a patent registration for its new method with the innovation name “a hard carbon anode material, lithium-ion battery and its preparation method and application.

According to the latest news, this patent was passed on April 13, 2021, in China with a publication number CN112645300A, which was founded by an enterprise search app.

The patent document describes one hard carbon negative electrode material, a lithium-ion battery, and a preparation method and application thereof.

The preparation method includes the following steps:

step 1: The carbon source precursor powder and the additive undergo crosslinking reaction to obtain a modified carbon source precursor; the additive includes a cross-linking agent, a modifier, and a dispersion aid.

Step 2: The modified carbon source precursor is sequentially heat-treated, cooled, and mixed with the lithium-enriching agent to obtain a modified hard carbon precursor.

Step 3: The modified hard carbon precursor is vacuum carbonized to obtain Hard carbon anode material.

The hard carbon negative electrode material prepared by the present invention belongs to a typical amorphous carbon and has a high pyrolysis yield. The lithium-ion battery prepared as a negative electrode material has the high first reversible capacity, high first coulombic efficiency, stable properties, and consistent batches Good sex.

Previously, Huawei also patented for lithium-ion battery with graphene material that could increase durability and performance. However, there’s no confirmation when and what Huawei is planning with these patents. Read more

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