Huawei plans to sell a $600 5G smartphone, price will drop even more in 2020

Huawei has already planned a to launch two new 5G smartphones including the Huawei Mate X and Mate 20X 5G, as recently the company said it’ll introduce a new phone with the lowest price possible.

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G box confirms testing status, will come with slightly smaller battery

The Financial Times has recently published an interview with Peter Zhou, chief marketing officer of wireless marketing at the company, said that Huawei plans to bring a $600 5G smartphone this year. He also said that he is expecting this price to go down even further in 2020.

“Next year, some people say we may see [5G] smartphones at $300 and I think that’s very much possible,” said Zhou.

This price range will definitely affect its rivals including Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G, which costs above $1200 and Apple, which is yet to announce its 5G smartphone but expected to cost a hefty amount of price from consumers.

As for the company currently listed 5G phone – Huawei Mate X will launch in June and Mate 20X 5G around August.




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