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Petal Clip: Huawei’s video editing app with lots of new features



Huawei Petal Clip

With the launch of the Huawei P50 series, the company also unveiled a number of new software services including the latest video editing app – Petal Clip. This app allows you to edit and create videos right on your Huawei smartphone.

According to our inspection, the app is specially designed for HarmonyOS devices but It worked similarly on EMUI 11 devices. However, we cannot promise or claim that it’ll work well on your EMUI smartphone.

The Petal Clip app provides a wide range of video editing features, as well as massive special effects, stickers, sound effects, fonts, and other materials for video creation and editing enthusiasts, inspiring infinite creativity.

According to Huawei, the Petal Clip app can easily create fun and interesting videos on your phone.

Petal Clip Hands-on:

Petal Clip App Workflow:

So, How Petal Clip app works? Let’s take a look at its workflow.

Aside from the Settings Menu, the Petal Clip comprises three tabs –

  1. Edit
  2. Template
  3. Tutorial

Huawei Petal Clip


The Edit has two sections – Create a new project and the second to edit an existing project.

Tap on “Get started” to import – Videos or Images. Here are the features you’ll see, while importing a file into Petal Clip editor.

  1. Preview the clip or image
  2. Select multiple files
  3. Crop video or photos

You can choose to import a video or image, by checking the “HD quality” option on the bottom left corner of the screen. There are also some options to sort out videos accordingly.

Huawei Petal Clip

Video Editor:

One thing to say, Petal Clip has one of the most powerful video editors. The video editor includes a lot of options with different kinds of preset settings.

In short terms: The Editor has –

  1. Preview window
  2. Timeline
  3. Video length
  4. Undo/redo – Maximize
  5. Timestamp
  6. Music timeline – Add new track/remove/replace
  7. Various Editing options (Many)

Once edited, you can export the video in the range from 720P (HD) up to 4K. There’s also an option to select up to frame per second value. Furthermore, there’s also an option to export in Efficient video format to save video weight.


As mentioned above, the app has a huge library of pre-built projects that you can use on the go. You can choose the app projects based on their shown information including time duration, layers, and total downloads by the users.

Petal Clip

Each template has a different style of transition, text effects as well as filters that you can choose according to your preference and may save a lot of time instead of creating a project from scratch.

Once selected, tap on “Start” and start importing. The rest of the interface works the same as the new project. You can edit any track as you like.


The app interface solely supports the Chinese language and if you don’t know about the language, then we don’t recommend you to dig into the Tutorial section.

Tutorial Petal Clip


The settings menu includes several options:

  1. Add outro (switch) that enable an outro automatically in every of your project
  2. Clear cache of the app
  3. Check for updates (app update)
  4. About


Global Launch:

Currently, the app only comes with Huawei P50 series devices and is available for Chinese consumers but you can download this app from the link given below.

Download Petal Clip app – HarmonyOS and EMUI 11 [Link]

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Download Huawei EMUI 13 Beta app



Huawei EMUI 13 Beta

Huawei has started enrolling devices for EMUI 13 beta activity and you can download the Beta app and try it on your smartphones. As of March 16, Huawei has opened the beta program for Asia pacific region.

Currently, Huawei P50 Pro, P50 Pocket, and Mate Xs 2 foldable phones are eligible to enter the test pool. However, more devices could join later on.

EMUI 13 is a brand new software designed for the global Huawei smartphones. It comes with smart folders with various layouts, service widgets, and super device integration.

There are some changes made to the graphical side of this upgrade, which will enhance the user experience. There are various additions on the security and settings side that you can explore.

With beta in the air, users of Huawei smartphones are eligible to take a deep dive into the EMUI 13 features ahead of stable rollout. Don’t forget that there are requirements that you need to fill in before you submit the test application. This includes a baseband version to receive the latest beta build via the OTA method.

That’s all for now, if you want to download the latest EMUI 13 beta app, follow the instructions below.

  • First, download the app from here (link)
  • Install the app, open and permit all of the app permissions

From the home screen, navigate to the “Me” tab and navigate to the latest project to sign up.

If there’s no project, it means you may have to wait for the program to extend in your country or device model. Don’t forget to tag us about your EMUI 13 beta application status.

Huawei EMUI 13 Beta

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Huawei Health app reaches 400 million global users



Huawei Health app is the ultimate destination for users and at Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2022, Huawei confirmed that the mobile app now has over 400 million global users.

According to the data, the Huawei Health app now has 97 million monthly active users, 13 million users that are tracking sports activity, 16 million using it for sleep, and 26 million users for health.

huawei health app 400 million

Huawei also announced the TruSport kit, which is a scientific sports system developed by Huawei. Based on the data detection capabilities of sports equipment, it creates a variety of sports evaluation models to provide users with sports solutions.

Huawei confirmed that the Health app is aimed at typical scenarios such as enjoying sports, maintaining body shape, and improving sleep, and creates a deeply integrated digital experience with developers and ecosystem partners.

The mark of 400 million global users reflects the success of the Huawei Health app, which continues to grow in various aspects.

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Huawei Pay monthly active users surpass 100 million



Huawei Pay users

Huawei Pay is one of the best payment applications offered by the Chinese company to its users. So far, the app comes with a bundle of features that brings convenience to the consumers while applying for an online transaction. Consequently, these thoughtful features of the app resulted in 100 million monthly active users.

100 Million! Yes, you’ve heard right. Huawei Pay is seamlessly showing great results among individuals. The payment service has become much better in recent times. As an outcome, the application was able to retain 100 million monthly active users.

On the other hand, the company is trying to make the app better in the upcoming days. Ultimately, the Chinese manufacturer is trying to explore more scenarios of the HarmonyOS interface with Huawei Pay. Thus, users might see some new and interesting tweaks to the application in the time ahead.

President’s words over App success!

Seeing the growth and evolution of the respective app, the President of Huawei terminal cloud service payment business, Ma Chuanyong said the following statement:

“Huawei Pay is not trying to compete with Alipay and WeChat Pay, they are still Huawei’s partners. Huawei Pay is to open up new payment scenarios, and will explore more scenarios based on the HarmonyOS.”

As of now, the payment app has been spotted on the homepage of Huawei Wallet. Further, the app is supporting more than 160 banks, giving equal rights and benefits to online transactions.

Huawei Pay users

Huawei Pay App

Huawei Pay is a well-known payment application among users. It is a safe and secure online payment service that brings the ease of doing online dealings without getting stressed about the cash or payment machines.

The users who are using the Huawei Wallet will only be able to take the advantage of the Huawei Pay app. This is so because the management portal of Huawei Pay offers some specific services that mainly require the Wallet application. For instance, checking balance, bank card payments, red envelopes, recharge, cash withdrawal, and more.


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