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Huawei Petal Maps 4 ushers a new range of features for navigation and traffic



Huawei Petal Maps

Huawei recently released the Petal Maps 4 app version and the company has brought a number of new features for a better user experience.

According to the information, the new Petal Map version 4.0 brings a real-time display of the traffic lights. It simply means that you will be able to see the traffic light status for the upcoming turns or the streets while using the maps.

It offers new and improved lane information, the map statuses available for bus lanes, multi-use lanes, and reversible lanes. Traffic camera alerts.

Huawei Petal maps 4

The latest version of Petal Maps brings new traffic camera categories to improve driving safety. Furthermore, there’s a new option for starting points, the user will be suggested local starting points for cross-border routes.

Petal Maps is designed and developed by Huawei for smart devices. The app is now available in over 16 countries and regions. It boasts over 40 million monthly active users and displays map data in over 70 languages.

The app provides a full-screen lane-level guidance feature, which utilizes numerous capabilities such as 3D road modeling, lane extraction, and real-time rendering.

Petal Maps is capable of rendering roads, buildings, weather effects, and night scenarios. Petal uses Huawei’s HMS development kits including location kit, map kit, site kit, and navi kit for developers.

To be mentioned, Petal Maps 4 will rollout gradually for all of the Huawei smartphone users. You can check AppGallery’s update section for the latest update.

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