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Alibaba’s DingTalk will develop native HarmonyOS app



DingTalk HarmonyOS

Following mPaaS, Alibaba’s enterprise communication and collaboration platform, DingTalk has achieved cooperation with Huawei to develop a native HarmonyOS application.

These two companies will work together to create an interactive user experience for HarmonyOS users.

DingTalk currently serves over 600 million users and 23 million business organizations. These include first-level industries such as the internet, medical care, education, manufacturing, and many other industries.

Also, DingTalk has developed an ecosystem based on its PaaS strategy. Meanwhile, the number of DingTalk apps developed by users and developers has exceeded 10 million.

DingTalk HarmonyOS

Since April, DingTalk has completed the AI transformation of 17 product lines and over 60 scenarios by accessing large models since April 2023. Currently, 500,000+ companies are using DingTalk AI.

DingTalk also opened its own smart base AI PaaS to customers and ecosystem partners to help ecosystem participants use AI to reshape their products.

Zhu Yonggang, President of Huawei smart cloud services said that meta-services and other features are unique advantages of HarmonyOS and it also provides top-in-class security for developers to achieve all-around user data safety.

Zhu also mentioned that the cooperation with DingTalk will help HarmonyOS to compete in office scenarios. Both of the partners are expecting the cooperation to grow further with this first collaborative app launch.

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