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Huawei Petal Mail gets new translation feature powered by Machine Learning



Huawei Petal Mail Translation

At HDC 2021, Huawei announced the new translation feature for Petal Mail, Huawei’s own email service for consumers. The new feature allows you to extract the accurate translation with efficiency for multilingual and profound user experience while sending and receiving emails.

Petal Mail comes with a number of new features, and you can link it with your own Huawei ID, so you can access other Huawei services with the same Huawei account. You can access your mailbox and add different verification methods such as face recognition, fingerprint ID, or SMS verification.

The translation function of Petal Mailbox has efficient response speed and excellent accuracy, and the translation fluency score is greater than 4.2 points.

For your information, the latest Petal Mail translation feature is based on the HMSO core’s Machine learning service called – ML Kit. The enables real-time processing of the text.

The industry’s advanced neural network machine translation technology Transformer and Domain Adaption, forward and reverse data enhancement semi-supervised training methods adopted by ML Kit also greatly improve the training effect of the corpus and effectively ensure the quality of letter translation.

Huawei Petal Mail Translation

Current language support:

Petal Mail currently supports 12 languages including French, German and Russian. Petal Mail users can use these languages to write and receive emails, in addition, they can now translate the full text and also provide the sentence by sentence translation.

Petal Mail:

Just like usual mail services, Petal Mail allows you to send and receive emails with ease including the CC and BCC, attachments, and more. You can manage your emails by swiping and tapping and organizing your inbox by starring, archiving, and deleting emails, marking spam emails, and more.

You need to do the following to access Petal Mail:

  • Web: Log in to your account on the official Petal Mail website from a PC browser to use the mailbox service.
  • App: Search for and download Petal Mail via HUAWEI AppGallery. Currently, the Petal Mail app can be installed and used on devices running EMUI 4.0 or later and HMS Core or later.


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