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The US legislation continue to oppose Huawei




In the past, the US legislation gained more votes to block Chinese tech giants including Huawei, and ZTE from doing business in the country. The U.S. Senate sees the firms as a threat to national security, thereby had put the companies on the entity list. However, there’s no such claim that the country has failed to prove.

According to the information (Via- YahooFinance), last Thursday a Secure Equipment Act passed with a 420-4 vote from the U.S. House. This bill has more harsh and rigid regulations to completely abolish the business of Chinese Telecomes.

On this matter, a Republican statesman Marco Rubio commented, China state-regulated companies such as Huawei can’t make a place in our network. He explains the equipment from the Chinese suppliers is claimed to be a national security threat and using them is like digging one’s own grave.

For your kind information, the Chinese firms haven’t accepted any blames yet. Furthermore, Huawei often stated itself upright and continues to find in the country. Besides, other European counties are still insisting on using Huawei’s network equipment.

Huawei US war

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Background Story:

The Chaos starts in March 2019 when the US FCC blacklisted Huawei and ZTE with other companies. At that time, Trump’s government explain this action under the law for protecting U.S. communications networks.

Besides Huawei and ZTE, Hytera Communications Corp, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co, and Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co were also restricted from doing their business in the country.

Afterward in June, the FCC tried to advance the ban even though of making it mandatory. However, China shows confidence in Huawei and its foreign minister stated the US legislation has all groundless blames. There isn’t any evidence on this matter, and trying to defame the companies.

Later under the guidance of President Joe Biden, the situation gets worsened only. Yet, the company hasn’t given up and regarding the verdicts as misguided and foolishly disciplinary.

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