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Huawei Petal Clip video editing app is testing C2C version



Huawei Petal Clip C2C beta testing

Huawei Petal Clip is Huawei’s own video editing apps that provide numerous options to make effective videos. Now, Huawei has recently introduced the new version of Petal Clip C2C and begin its public beta testing with the latest version.

According to the information, Huawei Petal Clip C2C public beta testing started on December 31, 2021, and lasts till January 12, 2022, in China. The interested video editors with Huawei devices can participate in this beta campaign and also stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

It is a rare opportunity offered by Huawei to consumers. So guys, do participate and test the new version and its features, give valid feedbacks, and grab win-win gifts. Support Huawei!

Huawei Petal Clip C2C beta testing

Huawei Petal Clip:

Petal Clip app allows users to edit and create videos, the app provides a wide range of video editing features, and special effects, stickers, sound effects, fonts, and other materials for video creation. The app comprises of different parts that include – Edit, Template, and Tutorials.

Now, let’s jump to the new changes and improvements that arrive with Petal Clip public beta version.

New Changelog:

  • Huawei One-click registration
  • Creator center
  • Material Space
  • Supports uploading templates, tutorials, pictures, and videos
  • AI feature: Audio card point

How to participate:

  • Download the Huawei Petal Clip app from AppGallery
  • Log in with your Huawei ID
  • Open the app
  • Tap on the Creator Center
  • Enter the editing interface
  • Enjoy the features

To submit feedback:

  • Open Member Center app
  • Tap on Public Test Tasks
  • Click on Feedback
  • Submit the Feedback

Prize detail:

  • First Prize: Huawei Band 6 (quantity 1)
  • Second Prize: Huawei Selfie Stick (quantity 3)
  • Third Prize: Huawei charging cable 6A (quantity 6)
  • Outstanding participation prize: Huawei charging cable 5A (quantity 10)

Note for the prize:

  • Award-winning users need to go to the member center to report the recipient’s name, phone number, contact information, receiving address, and the information is only used for the award.
  • The prizes of the day 2 event will be released within 30 days after the award is announced. The cost of detailed delivery of the prizes will be borne by the event organizer.
  • This event does not require the winning user to set the fast track.
  • The main category user will be issued within 30 days (January 17, 2021, No.-January 23, 2021).
  • Failure to provide the receiving information or the filled-in receiving ideas will be regarded as abandonment of the prize department, and the event owner will no longer provide essential products.
  • This event does not accept the prize category specified by the winning user Color release type
  • Direct inquiries for award announcements: Member Center> Tasks > View Awards > List.

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