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Huawei opens China’s first EulerOS ecosystem innovation center




On January 3, 2022, Huawei and the government of Binhu District in China, unveiled the Wuxi Ascend and Euler Ecosystem innovation center. This new Huawei EulerOS innovation center is the first of its kind in China.

According to Huawei, Wuxi Shengteng & Euler Eco-Innovation Center is ecosystem cultivation and industrial development centered on the two root technologies of Shengteng AI basic software and hardware platform and EulerOS open-source operating system.

It aims at building a public computing power service platform and an application innovation incubation platform, Industrial aggregation development platform, scientific research & talent training platform.

The overall efforts are to provide a full-stack independent innovation of Shengteng AI software and hardware platform, operating system, development framework, toolchain, and deep learning platform.


EulerOS is an open-source operating system for digital infrastructure, which can be deployed on servers, cloud computing, edge computing, embedded devices, and other devices. The EulerOS can be used in sectors – IT (Information Technology), CT (Communication Technology), and OT (Operational Technology).

Euler and HarmonyOS:

During the 2021 China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference, Huawei revealed that OpenHarmony and OpenEuler operating systems are being built side by side and are important to form the digital infrastructure.

Huawei chairman, Hu Houkun said 5G + Industrial Internet is empowering the digital transformation of thousands of industries, and data-driven is the key. It is now necessary to achieve data acquisition, fast calculation, and good use, connecting more devices, lowering the threshold of AI, and developing industrial software. The key investment areas of the phase.

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