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Huawei published air gesture interaction system patent for smart cars



Huawei Smart Car

On April 12, Huawei received approval for a patent related to an air gesture interaction system in the smart cars segment. This patent is entitled “Interaction method, electronic device, and system of in-vehicle gestures.”

As per the information, the Huawei air gesture system patent for smart cars is authorized in China. For a long time, the Chinese tech maker is developing new technology in the field of automobiles and securing them in form of patents.

Yes! Huawei aims to become a top smart technology supplier to automobile companies to build good cars. Also, the company several times mentioned that Huawei doesn’t build its own cars.

Huawei air gesture smart cars

Patent description:

The patent application provides an interaction method, an electronic device, and a system for air gestures, which belongs to the technical field of smart cars. The methods include:

  • Receiving the first air gap gesture detected by the camera.
  • Responding to the first air gap gesture when a preset response operation corresponding to the first air gap gesture is matched to the first user who initiated the first air gap gesture.
  • Gesture, which activates a preset response operation corresponding to the first air gesture.

This method can be used in the interactive visualization of air gestures in the car, to reduce the incorrect operation rate of air gestures and ensure driving safety and interactive experience.

(Via: ithome)

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