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Huawei patent shows Diabetes risk detection method to prevent false testing results



Huawei patent Diabetes risk detection

Huawei and the Peking Union Medical College have recently applied for a new patent regarding the Diabetes risk detection method. The latest technology solution will help in avoiding false results during the sugar-level testings of a patient.

The information reveals that Huawei and Peking Union applied for a patent with application number CN117503133A. It also entitles ‘Diabetes Risk Detection Methods, Electronic Devices, and Systems’. to meet the relevant health needs.

In terms of requirements, the method uses an electronic device to obtain two types of data. The first one includes PPG (photoplethysmo graphic) signals via a PPG sensor. Whereas, the second type of data counts diet plan, exercise routine, physical symptoms, drug usage, sleep records, and more.

Huawei patent Diabetes risk detection

Eventually, these two kinds of data help in estimating the diabetes risk detection results for a patient. The final outcome shows details about the health status of a person. Notably, this is a non-invasive method and does not require the insertion of any instrument in the body.

On the flip side, the patent application indicates that the new diabetes risk detection method will further help in health-based advice. For instance, maintaining a low-sugar diet, adding low-fat food items to your daily routine, daily workout, and more.

Huawei patent depicts that the latest Diabetes Risk Detection technology in the medical field would enhance the overall health-related services for users. Besides, it appears as an easy way to find out the diabetic reports without consuming time or long-duration treatment.


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