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Huawei reportedly plans to launch a rollable-display phone this year



Huawei rollable display phone

For over two years, Huawei has been in rumors of developing a rollable display phone. And it looks like, the Chinese tech giant could unveil such a device this year, becoming the first manufacturer to launch a rollable screen smartphone.

According to the information, Huawei has recently filed a patent entitled ‘folding mechanism, roll screen structure, and electronic equipment’. At the same time, the application shows how the innovative rollable display phone by Huawei will work.

Eventually, the patent reveals the requirement for an electronic device along with a rollable screen. Besides, the device includes a main body, a scrollable screen, and a supporting component.

In terms of functioning, one side of the device will be used as a display area. The device body will bear a standard display state along with a unique screen mechanism that can extend the display panel. Notably, the area of the standard display will remain smaller than the extended panel.

Huawei rollable display phone

Everything combined, the new rollable screen phone will not only be a helpful device for daily operations but can also increase the display area to perform a variety of tasks at the same time. Probably, it will enrich the user experience distinctively.

Up to this point, Huawei has offered many kinds of smartphones in the market including vertical and horizontal foldable. However, the latest rollable tech addition to the company’s product gallery will make it the first phone maker to produce a rollable display device.

This is not the first time when we heard of a rollable display phone in the making. Several patents and reports predicted that Huawei has a rollable tech device in the pipeline. Although the company never marked any confirmation of these reports.

As of now, the Chinese tech giant is once again amid rumors to launch the rollable device this year. Yet, the timeline is unclear. Let’s see how far things fall accurately in this matter.


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