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Huawei P70 series may vary in chipset frequencies says a tipster



Huawei P70 series chipset frequencies

It’s a festive season in China but Huawei is busy preparing for the next flagship lineup – the P70 series, which will likely vary in terms of chipset frequencies. Now, we have some new insights regarding the upcoming P-series smartphones.

According to the Weibo tipster @SmartPikachu, the Huawei P70 series could use a robust Kirin chipset for the standard and top-end models with slightly different frequencies. Besides, all phones from the lineup may feature a 1.5K display panel.

Earlier, we reported that the standard Huawei P70 model could stick to the Kirin 9000s chip. This is the same processor we saw with the iconic Mate 60 series. Perhaps, the company will continue to use this chipset for more premium-level handsets.

Kirin 9000s CPU architecture

  • 1 × 2.62GHz + 3 × 2.15GHz + 4 × 1.53GHz

On the other hand, some news suggested that the high-end models of the P70 family including the P70 Pro, P70 Art, and the alleged P70 Pro+ might equip an overclocked version of the Kirin 9000s processor with better performance cores.

Huawei P70 series chipset frequencies

Notably, the overclocked chipset variant is hearsay to boost the device’s performance efficiency by 20%. This increase could be a result of the minute difference in the processor’s frequencies for Huawei P70 models. Yet, the core structure of this new chip is behind the scenes and may be revealed in the coming days.

Huawei P70 Series: Display

Apart from the chipset details, the tipster shed light on the Huawei P70 series display solution. Eventually, all four models of the next P-series are likely to use the same 1.5K resolution curved screen with effective visual effects and capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Chinese tech giant is in rumors for testing various types of screen sizes for the approaching handsets with a fusion of four China-made display panels. Thus, there would be noteworthy upgrades over the previous-generation models in the P70 lineup.

Huawei P70 series chipset frequencies


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