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Huawei P50 Pocket foldable screen repair costs upto 600 euros



Huawei P50 pocket screen repair

On December 23rd, Huawei launched its new vertical folding screen smartphone – Huawei P50 Pocket. This new phone comes with a bunch of new features and a design with pure luxury. Still, the P50 Pocket is only available for Chinese consumers and may rollout for global consumers in early 2022.

Huawei P50 Pocket features the Snapdragon 888 4G chipset but the foldable phone segment demands a higher price range. Therefore, this new device will cost you 8988/10988 (1246/1523 Euros), which is quite hefty if would ask.

Since it’s a foldable phone, it must have to vulnerable in the current face of the folding screen technology. Therefore, Huawei has presented us with the latest screen repair prices of the P50 Pocket with a vertically foldable.

Recently, Huawei has listed the screen repair price of the P50 Pocket smartphone under the after-sale services including spare parts and repair costs of the corresponding components.

Huawei P50 pocket screen repair

Most parts of the device range to normal but Huawei has listed this model with the same version as the Premium. Let’s start first with the display, it costs 3579 yuan (496 euro)/4379 yuan (600 Euro) for the regular and premium version to repair the Huawei P50 Pocket display. This is an expansive amount for display repair on the smartphone.

Huawei P50 pocket screen repair

The primary display of the Huawei P50 Pocket measures 6.9-inch, it is an OLED display, with a 120Hz refresh rate, 1440 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, 300 Hz touch sampling rate. The main panel provides an FHD+ resolution (2790 x 1188 pixels) and 442 PPI.

Next comes the motherboard, which is around 3399 yuan for the regular version and 4599 yuan for the premium edition. The rest of the screen repair prices remain unchanged on both models.

In terms of pricing, Huawei P50 Pocket Premium Edition is slightly expensive than the regular version and creates a difference in the pricing lies in 779+409 yuan for the premium edition, while the regular version varies at 579+209 yuan.

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