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[Update: Applied More] Huawei P100 trademark refused, this flagship phone will not launch?



Huawei P50 Pro White

August 11, 2021: Update

According to the latest report, Huawei has applied for more P100 trademarks after the rejection of the previous trademark.

August 10, 2021: Original Story

The trademark registration application for Huawei P100 has been rejected by the Chinese Intellectuals Authority. Does this mean that the P100 flagship phone will not be released? Let’s find out more information.

The “P100” trademark was registered under 9 types of International Classifications that include scientific instruments, transportation vehicles, and so on. To be mentioned, the company also filled two new applications for P100 trademarks in July this year.

Before that, it also applied for the trademark range from P10 to P100 of international classification in the scientific instruments and transportation vehicles category.

However, the info revealed that the registration doesn’t define the mobile phone category. It means that the device planned with this ‘P100’ name is actually something else than the P series smartphone lineup. Instead, it is a machine or device, which hasn’t been unveiled by the company.

Huawei P100 trademarkHuawei P100 trademark

It’s said that Huawei wants to make advance reservations for the name to avoid intellectual property risk protection measures in the future. Because a trademark application is a long-term procedure that has many phases like application, registration, examination, etc, and takes time to get approval.

Furthermore, the allocation for the names follows is first to file approach to reserve one’s right. Besides, the trademarks are always surrounded by turbulent activities among famous brands.

Huawei Matext and other Petal Trademark:

Huawei has also filed trademarks including important names such as Matext, Petal Mail, Petal Lilty, Mate Paper, Petal Liyin, and others.

Huawei is expected to launch a new folding smartphone within this year. This yet-to-be-released folding phone will succeed the previous Mate X and Mate XS smartphone.

Looking at the trademark – Matext, could have the potential to be this new foldable phone. However, the league of trademark suggests a text app, which is more suitable.

More information on this matter is yet to come.

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