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Huawei defines ten major scenarios based on its whole-house smart strategy



Huawei whole-house strategy upgrade

At 2021 HDC, Huawei releases its whole-house smart strategy 1+2+N upgrade, which now gets the HarmonyOS ecosystem support. In addition, the company publishes ten major subsystems that design to fully cover all family scenarios.

First: The Host

Starting with the main host, it integrates wired (PLC), wireless (WiFi), broadband, and narrowband alliance. The arrangement increases the reliability by 99.99% for telecom levels. Overall, it assures seamless connection and management between all devices.

Huawei whole-house strategy upgrade

Compared to the previous arrangement, the host receives a connection, computing, storage, and smart services upgrade in the latest Huawei whole-house strategy. It’s a remarkable modification for the solution as well as services.

Simultaneously, the main host can realize automatic backups of the digital assets of members. Furthermore, computing power reaches from K level to mega level to 100 mega level. This smooth expansion achieves the best user experience.

Huawei whole-house strategy upgrade

Second: Central Control Screen

The central control screen and Huawei smart life are next to upgrade in the latest Huawei whole-house strategy. It targets to create a living scene with one space and one screen. Furthermore, it covers all three- 10-inch, 6-inch, 4-inch, and desktop versions of the central control Optional screens, etc.

It lets the consumers freely match according to life scenarios so that the interaction is more natural and efficient. However, users can also create and select different working pictures including the ones mentioned below.

  • Sleeping scenes
  • Movie watching scenes
  • Meeting scenes

Besides, there is no need to need to switch between the scenarios. The set can realize the linkage combination of a series of products and services and makes the complicated jobs easy and effective.

Huawei whole-house strategy upgrade

N Subsystem: 6 Space Subsystems

Moving further in this line, users will be able to see 6 space subsystems and 4 whole-house subsystems to realize multiple works. These various works include network, safety, water, energy consumption, lighting, shading, and sun protection.

Going with the flow, the subdivision of audio-visual, heating and cooling air, furniture and furniture, and home appliance systems are also included. Thereby, Huawei successfully controls over 4000 ecological items in the past five years in wired and wireless technology.

Huawei whole-house strategy upgrade

The newly upgraded 1+2+N Huawei whole-house smart solution will further strengthen the space intelligence of future homes. Still, there are many points that remain to discuss. So let’s check the main highlights-

  • Huawei whole-house strategy upgrade covers three main paths- 2D enablement, 2B connection, and 2C sales
  • The 2D refers to the HarmonyOS Connect platform certification system
  • B refers to the open connection of three-party data, applications, and controls through OpenLab
  • C refers to the full coverage of the sales model
  • Huawei whole-house strategy upgrade has supported the top real estates like Greenland, Sunac, Vanke, and more
  • The set space is easily visible and ready-to-buy
  • Huawei whole-house smart authorized experience stores will officially open in 15 cities across China by 30th October
  • More than 50+ cities will get new Huawei experience stores before the end of this year, in addition

Huawei whole-house strategy upgrade

Moreover, the Huawei whole-house smart strategy intended to provide future-oriented in-house experiences to the users, which will now follow an upgrade approach. At the same time, it accelerated the research and development in this field.

Huawei whole-house strategy upgrade

(Source: CNMO)

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