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Huawei Mobile Storage Upgrade Program Begins in China, Offers Discounted Services



Huawei mobile storage upgrade china

Huawei has recently announced the start of mobile storage upgrade program in China, which brings discounted services for users in order to provide affordable services.

The Huawei mobile storage upgrade program in China covers brings up to 12% discount storage upgrade service, which can enjoy a 12% discount on the basis of the event price. Smartphone models can upgrade to 512GB at just 342 yuan. However, the campaign is valid From June 1st to August 31st.

For example, the Huawei Mate 30 (128GB) can upgrade to 256GB at 492 yuan to upgrade, and 879 yuan to upgrade to 512GB. However, the motherboard must be in good condition. If not or found faulty, the storage upgrade then costs 692 yuan and 1079 yuan respectively.

Storage upgrade program:

You should know that the current campaign is only related to storage upgrades and not to RAM memory. There may be some models that aren’t part of the program but most of them are eligible.

Huawei mobile storage upgrade china

There are some general guidelines to be eligible to participate in the discount service. First, you need to have an original Huawei smartphone. Second, the device must not have been opened by any third-party repair service. The motherboard must not be broken, or there shouldn’t be any sign of repair or physical harm to the SoC.

Furthermore, if the display is broken, it also needs to be fixed as part of the service to avoid secondary damage.


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