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Huawei Mobile CTO applauds micro-pump liquid cooling case sales



huawei mate 60 pro liquid cooling case teardown

Huawei Mobile Business Group CTO, Bruce Lee has applauded the sales and the popularity of the micro-pump liquid cooling case.

While forwarding a teardown video, Bruce Lee wrote that many consumers would wonder why they should buy an expensive phone case. After stocking it several times, the case is sold out within seconds. He also praised the capability of the cooling case and its impact on the phone in a positive way.

“This mobile phone case has high technical content and can be called an industrial pearl in the mobile phone case industry,” said Huawei CTO.

Huawei mobile cto liquid cooling case

Last month, after the pre-orders of the Huawei Mate 60 lineup, Huawei unveiled the micro-pump liquid cooling case priced at 299 yuan (40 USD, 38 EUR). This may be expensive for the users but its benefit does reflect the price with immediate effect.

Some users in the comment section also asked for a similar micro-pump liquid cooling case for the Huawei P60 Pro flagship. However, there’s information about that available at the moment. A teardown of the case revealed that the case is built with different layers of cooling systems designed especially for Huawei Mate 60 series devices.

huawei mate 60 pro liquid cooling case teardown

The case can also smartly start and stop the liquid cooling feature according to the temperature of the phone and the environment. Simultaneously, the phone case also consists of high-performance phase change material PCM, which equips up to 200 million microcapsules and can efficiently absorb body heat.

Meanwhile, a test on the case revealed that it really works well on the smartphone and manages the temperature to boost the phone’s performance. Therefore, it’s obvious for Huawei Mobile CTO to praise the rising recognition of liquid cooling cases among Huawei Mate 60 series users.


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