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Huawei MateStation X 2022 specs leaked ahead of launch



Huawei MateStation X 2022 specs

After the official announcement, Huawei MateStation X 2022 is enormously emerging on social platforms with speculated specs and features. While there are a few days left before the official release, there is more information that has just dropped around the corner about this upcoming all-in on PC.

A familiar Weibo tipster – UncleKanshan revealed some major Huawei MateStation X 2022 specs. On the flip side, the blogger has shared a tabular image showing the comparison between the predecessor and the upcoming device.

Huawei MateStation X 2022 specs

The latest model will power the 12th-generation Intel i9-12900H processor. Further, it will use the LPDDR5-5200 memory. This is the same high-end memory plate that was equipped in the Huawei MateBook X Pro devices.

The network adapter (network interface card) of the device will use the Intel AX201 module. Alternatively, MateStation X 2022 will operate a Thunderbolt 4 interface and USB-C type port. Eventually, this USB C port to fetch 100W charging power.

Besides, the configuration list shows an adaptation of PCIe 4.0 Solid-State Drives (SSD) at a rate of 64Gbps. In terms of external implements, the device holds a revamped 2MP camera with a 1080p resolution. Comparatively, the successor model could bring more better and advanced techs on its board.

Huawei MateStation X 2022 specs


Speaking of the changes, MateStation X 2022 will adopt a different AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) version. Furthermore, it will bring a revamped motherboard with far better efficiency. Looking at the tabular image, we find that the R&D code also differs between both models.

On the other hand, the present configuration shows that the upcoming device is one step ahead of the 2021 model. Whether it’s the lens, the charging power, the internal drive rate, or the high-end memory.

There are some features that the blogger kept vacant for the moment. For instance, the memory slot and a few more sections. However, we will get a clear note about MateStation X 2022 and its features on November 2.


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