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Huawei Mate 60 Ultimate Design live image leaks astonishing look



huawei mate 60 ultimate design live image

A day before the official unveiling, the Huawei Mate 60 Ultimate Design appeared in a live image with a look that we’ve never seen before. Huawei will introduce this device tomorrow at the Autumn 2023 Flagship Conference.

The device shown in the picture carries a glossy finish with a silver color. The rear side has a large octagon-shaped camera bump. The light reflection hints that the bump seems to be bigger than the past generation Mate RS device.

Also, the “ULTIMATE DESIGN” branding has large text and appears pretty clear. At the bottom, there’s a black arc-type aluminum frame, which is identical to the Pro model. However, the rest of the design is quite appealing to the eyes.

huawei mate 60 ultimate design live image

In a separate photograph, a promotional photo of the Mate 60 Ultimate Design is seen in a dark red color. Still, the photo is not captured in high quality.

huawei mate 60 ultimate design live image

Furthermore, a live image of the Huawei Mate 60 Ultimate Design retail box shows some parts of its configurations. The phone is using 16GB of RAM + 1TB of storage. Meanwhile, the device will be using a Kirin chipset.

Different tipster hints that Huawei will offer the Ultimate Design variant in two storage – 512GB and 1TB. Both of these are coupled with 16GB of RAM. On the rear, the Huawei Mate 60 Ultimate Design will use ceramic finishing. This also reflects, Huawei’s use of such material since the Mate 40 lineup.

Aside from its astonishing design, this high-end version could also support extra camera specifications such as a ToF lens. The rest of the capabilities will derive from Mate 60 Pro+

Starting this year, Huawei will drop the use of “Porsche Design” in its special edition Mate series smartphones. Instead, the company is shifting the branding to “Ultimate Design”. The past report indicates that Huawei could break its partnership with Porsche Design and may not continue this collaboration after 2023.

Therefore, we could see “Ultimate Design” as the only branding for the top-end ultra premium Mate series phone.

(via – Huawei)

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