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Huawei launches new Intelligent Virtual Agent ‘Celia’ to improve customer care experience



On June 11, 2020, Huawei has officially introduced a new intelligent virtual agent called ‘Celia’ to further improve the consumer experience in India. The feature made available as an integrated part of Huawei’s customer service app – Support, as well as on the website

The New AI-powered virtual assistant responds to the key phrase “Hey Celia” and has a high ability to field questions and address customer queries.

According to Huawei, This smart assistant is available 24*7 and supports quick troubleshooting with seamless transition from chat to a human agent, without any delay in processing new information request.

Celia has the capability to provide guidance in buying a new phone, warranty queries, locating device’s problem, and completing all prerequisites before sending the device for repair.

Celia’s arrival underlines Huawei’s commitment to delivering the latest technological advances to consumers across the globe. It comes with a multi-function interface, multi-round operation, and multiple styles of answers making it easier to understand.

The answers are displayed in the form of text, links, collection, pictures as well as GIF, and JPGs. Celia provides precise answers which could be on detailed parameters and specifications and transfer the chat to an online human agent on request.

Celia Virtual Assistant

“We constantly strive to introduce breakthrough innovations to our consumers. Through Celia, we want to add value and provide convenience by resolving personalised queries. It empowers users to control functions with the help of an intelligent assistant. Huawei will continue to offer resilient AI offerings to enhance consumer experience,” said Huawei Spokesperson.

“Both Celia and human agent is always ready to help the customer whenever required, providing convenience by making access to information and services simple, quick, and frictionless.” wrote Huawei.

Celia is also the name of Huawei’s new voice assistant launched with Huawei P40 series and EMUI 10.1.

Celia Virtual Agent is available in Huawei official web and Support App:

1. You can start a chat with Celia from the Official Support Webpage at the bottom right corner by clicking Contact Us > Online Help.



2. Visit Support APP > Service > Quick Services > Live Chat

Note: If it is your first time chatting with Celia, a privacy statement page would be shown to seek your agreement.

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