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Huawei launches new EasyFit 2 straps, Smart Treadmill and Spinning Bike



At Huawei‘s announce conference, the company its latest health research, new products in the health field, as well as the new Huawei EasyFit 2 strap, which is available in three different colors and materials. These straps are interchangeable, with a gentle nudge, you can easily change the strap to mix and match different activities and styles.

Huawei EasyFit 2 straps available in ceramic buckle fluoro rubber straps, classic GT fluoro rubber straps, and knitted nylon straps, all priced at 199 yuan in China.

Furthermore, Huawei has also launched Huawei Smart Choice treadmills and spinning bikes that support Huawei’s One Touch Connect. The Huawei Smart Choice treadmill is priced at 1799 yuan and the spinning bike is priced at 1399 yuan. Now everyone can participate in the public test in Huawei Mall.

According to the information, Huawei Smart Selection, A3-S Smart Bike supports Huawei’s Sport and Health One Touch with strict quality control and high-value appearance, as well as features such as silent magnetism.

The Huawei Smart Selection Smart Treadmill also supports Huawei Sports Health One Touch, has a flexible shock absorption technology designed by Huawei’s independent patent, and is equipped with a silent and rigid motor.

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